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  • 2018-05-16

    Tuner Makes it Easier Than Ever to Turbocharge Your ND Miata » AutoGuide.com News

    Mazda tuning company BBR has released a new turbocharger kit for the ND Miata that boosts the sports cars output to an impressive 210 horsepower. BBRs new Stage One turbocharger kit for the ND Miata consists of a twin-scroll turbocharger

  • 2017-10-10

    tuner part reviews, the good, bad, and cheap!: TOYOTA COROLLA 4AGE AE86 T25/T28 TURBO MANIFOLD

    Description: T25 turbo exhaust manifold Pros: Fits pretty decent, decent design for sure, 1.625 inch primaries. Cons: Thin material on primaries which cracks easily, porous weldments, this thing has cracked in the past, gets very very close

  • 2014-10-24

    iafrica.com SA tuner fires up already

    RGM has announced an upgrade for the Volkswagen Golf R, improving the zero to 100km/h sprint time to just 4.4 seconds.

  • 2013-02-10

    200 Stompbox Strobe Tuner

    Quick Start Plug the ST-200 into your signal chain. Optionally connect a 9 Volt external power source. The ST-200 will run for 12 hours continuous on an alkaline battery, enough for about 1,000 tune ups. Stomp on the switch. When the tuner

  • 2012-12-17

    Tuner Directory

    Tuner Directory The tuners listed are a compilation of tuners found on the web. This will simplify your search for a local tuner. If you are a tuner and would like to be added to our list, please send us a message using our contact page. If

  • 2012-11-02

    tuner enthusiast community

    TunerFriends is a hot new community geared up to automotive tuner enthusiasts.

  • 2012-10-11

    Bully Dog Tuner Update Agent

    Bully Dog Update Agent. Keep your tuner up to date with the Update Agent

  • 2012-09-25

    Dodge SRT4 "Tuner Treatment" Continues Through Mopar Performance

    Mopar Performance Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade Kit The Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade Kit from Mopar Performance maximizes the stock turbo unit (Mitsubishi TD04LR-16GK-6cm2) of the Dodge SRT4. Upgraded fuel injectors pumping at 682 cc/min are included in t

  • 2012-08-06

    Turbo guide. Pt 2 Garret vs. Precision

    TunerFriends is a hot new community geared up to automotive tuner enthusiasts.

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