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  • 2012-05-14

    CMI compressor wheel

    CMI compressor wheel consultation; CMI compressor wheel free number;CMI compressor wheel discount; CMI compressor wheel technical information; CMI comp

  • 2012-05-14

    Compressor Wheel Casting for Turbo Chargers : Cast Products : Products : Furukawa

    For Automobile Turbochargers Amid an expanding market for automobiles, global demand for turbochargers is growing, as they provide a relatively inexpensive means of improving environmental and fuel performance. Cast compressor wheels are ke

  • 2012-05-14

    Turbine wheel for hydrokinetic coupling apparatus, made of plastic material

    The invention concerns a hydrokinetic coupling apparatus comprising a turbine wheel capable of being interlocked with a driven shaft and housed in an i

  • 2012-05-13

    Cast titanium compressor wheel

    A compressor wheel is re-designed to permit die inserts (HILb20/b/HIL), which occupy the air passage and define the blades (HILb4, 5/b/HIL) during a pr

  • 2012-04-25

    RHC7, RHC7 Turbine Wheel Manufacturer

    RHC7 Turbine Wheel, Model is RHC7, RHC7 Turbine Wheel Manufacturer, RHC7 Turbine Wheel Supplier - Changzhou E&E Turbo-Power Co.

  • 2012-04-18

    Rotor or guide wheel of a turbine engine with shroud ring

    In rotors and guide wheels of a turbine engine which are equipped with a shroud ring, at least one opening (26, 28) is provided in the shroud ring (12)

  • 2012-04-18

    pressure turbine rotor wheel for an aircraft engine

    On a high-pressure turbine rotor wheel, where a blade neck interspace (b14/b) exists between two adjacent turbine blades (b4/b) which is defined by the

  • 2012-04-16

    H2C, H2C Turbine Wheel Manufacturer

    H2C Turbine Wheel, Model is H2C, H2C Turbine Wheel Manufacturer, H2C Turbine Wheel Supplier - Changzhou E&E Turbo-Power Co.

  • 2012-04-13

    Garrett Turbo Compressor Wheel, Ford (1994

    These Turbo Compressor Wheels feature a lowered vane design which efficiently increases more air volume. Improvements includes lower exhaust temperatur

  • 2012-04-13

    0005 Compressor wheel of turbo parts Garrett TD2503 Manufacturer

    707747-0005 Compressor wheel of turbo parts Garrett TD2503, Model is Garrett TD2503, 707747-0005 Compressor wheel of turbo parts Garrett TD2503 Manufac

  • 2012-04-07

    Turbine Wheel (RCTW560)

    Import Turbine Wheel (RCTW560) directly from China factory, Wuxi Hongchang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., and enjoy FREE trade assistant service from D

  • 2012-04-05

    Turbine Wheel Turbocharger Garrett, China Turbine Wheel Turbocharger Garrett, Turbine Wheel Turbocha

    Turbine Wheel for K04 Turbocharger [Apr 01, 2012] Craft now have more than 380 turbine wheel castings available, including Garrett, Holset, KKK, Schwitzer, Mitsubishi, IHI, Toyota, ABB ...Our products are widely used in Garrett, ABB and oth

  • 2012-04-05

    Turbine Wheel Shaft For KKK Holset, Turbine Wheel Shaft, Turbo Turbine Wheel

    Import Turbine Wheel Shaft for KKK Holset directly from China factory, Ningbo Soulet Machinery Co., Ltd., and enjoy FREE trade assistant service from D

  • 2012-04-05

    Wheel Center Caps and Trim Rings

    JEGS has the center caps, trim rings and other wheel accessories to complete your wheel package. From Billet center caps to beauty rings, JEGS is it!

  • 2012-04-05

    Wire & Turbine Wheel Hubcaps 1953

    Wire & Turbine Wheel Hubcaps 1953-1958 set Click to enlarge image(s) Newly manufactured, complete set of four wire and turbine wheel brilliant chrome hubcaps for all 1953-58 Cadillacs. Made exactly as original with spring tension clips 2 st

  • 2012-04-05

    Turbocharger Turbine Wheel TO4B

    Import Turbocharger Turbine Wheel TO4B directly from China factory, Tonglint Industries Co., Ltd., and enjoy FREE trade assistant service from DHgate F

  • 2012-04-05

    turbo compressor wheel diameter

    Wheel spinning control system for motor vehicles L Lind, K Melin - US Patent 4,432,430, 1984 - Google Patents ... processing unit to limit the injected quantity incrementally up to a level determined by the size of the ... The control unit

  • 2012-04-05

    turbine wheel size

    Liquid cooled gas turbine engine EW Harslem - US Patent 3,238,719, 1966 - Google Patents ... by a given size turbine system or, correspondingly, to achieve -a given usable power output with a gas turbine system of less size and weight ... b

  • 2012-04-05

    turbine wheel casting

    Composite turbine wheel and process for making same DM Weaver - US Patent 4,063,939, 1977 - Google Patents ... as an integral casting of a excess of about 95 of 100 percent theoretical density, high strength, high temperature alloy employin

  • 2012-04-05

    K36, K36 Compressor Wheel Manufacturer

    K36 Compressor Wheel, Model is K36, K36 Compressor Wheel Manufacturer, K36 Compressor Wheel Supplier - Changzhou E&E Turbo-Power Co.