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  • 2012-11-23

    Turbo Boost sensor A

    Turbo Boost sensor A The vehicle response is fine with some occasional backfiring engine sensation but I think is a matter of time before everything go

  • 2012-11-03

    RRE's EVO X Dual Boost Solenoid Info

    RRE's EVO XDual Boost Solenoid Info The turbocharger wastegate solenoid operates under duty cyclecontrol in order to control the intake charge pressure that acts on theturbocharger wastegate actuator. This results in a intake charge pressur

  • 2012-10-21

    Technical: turbo boost sensor

    My Panda diesel has the following fault show up on my reader ..Turbo Boost sensor A circuit high.. The symptons are it drives lovely till 3000revs or a

  • 2012-09-29

    Audi TT 1.8 Turbo Boost Cooler Wassereinspritzung

    Audi TT 1.8 Turbo Boost Cooler Wassereinspritzung - Waterinjection

  • 2012-09-28

    045 Turbo/supercharger Boost Control Solenoid Circuit Open

    Newbie Group: Members Posts: 1 Joined: 4-January 10 Member No.: 67,014 Status: Location: uk Drives: s60 my engine management light keeps coming on, i have checked online forums and learnt to reset and find out the error code which shows 045

  • 2012-09-25

    Turbo Boost Fooler

    Turbo Boost Fooler by Steve Yee Copyright 2000 - 2007 Chuck Kopelson 7/20/2007 Updated October 10, 2007 If this site has helped you consider a Donation. Donation Info This is applicable only to 1996 to 2003 trucks with the standard 6.5L TD

  • 2012-08-22

    So you want to turbocharge your car...

    GReddy bolt-on turbo kitIf you read the previous article on turbocharging, its obvious that when it comes to bolt-on modifications for your import car

  • 2012-08-13

    Installing a Hallman Boost Controller on a Legacy Turbo

    HallmanBoost Controller How-To by Matt(Shik), pictures and editing by Dave (DLC, dackampf) Installingthe Hallman Boost Controller(HBC) on the Subaru Legacy Turbo. TheHallman boost controller is probably the best manual boost controlleryou c

  • 2012-08-07

    DIY Boost Control

    This is the second of two manual turbo boost controls covered by AutoSpeed. The first is suitable for cars that use ECU-controlled boost. That control system gives very good throttle control, with boost rising with factory-style gentleness.

  • 2012-07-31

    Boost Control Info

  • 2012-07-11

    Holsets, who's running them and at what boost? [Archive]

    Ive got a holset H1E (early HX40) that I am putting on my shadow. I was wondering who else has one, what boost they are running it at, and what RPM it

  • 2012-05-31

    TD05H Turbo Spec (From VR4) [Archive]

    Does anyone know the specs on these turbos. Mitsubishi TD05H from an import VR4 engine. The turbo has the following stamped on the comp housing TD05H s

  • 2012-05-20

    Boost Logic T6 Large Frame Turbo Kit for 1993

    Boost Logic T6 Large Frame Turbo Kit for 1993-1998 Toyota Supra 2JZGTE 1100-1400HP - The Boost Logic T6 large frame turbocharger kit for the 1993-1998

  • 2012-05-20

    How a Car Engine Exhaust Turbo Charger Works

    A turbo charger is designed to improve the power output of an engine beyond its normal operating capacity. A normally aspirated engine uses a mixture..

  • 2012-05-20

    off Valves, Boost Controllers, Turbo Timers, Wastegates

    TURBOCHARGER PRODUCT GUIDEWhen adding a turbo to your engine, there many components come into play, and their relationships to one another can get pretty complex. Fortunately, a number of companies have already taken the time to put togethe

  • 2012-05-18

    The Best Way to Control Turbo Boost

    The Best Way to Control Turbo Boost. Turbocharged vehicles can perform like high-horsepower sports cars while being as economical as conventional passe

  • 2012-05-15



  • 2012-04-13

    BOOST CONTROLLER, Explaining Turbocharger components

    An explanation of what a boost controller does and how it works

  • 2012-04-05

    Turbo Boost Compression Ratio

    turbo boost compression ratio pdf ebook download ? Get direcly - Turbo Systems 102 (Advanced) Please thoroughly review and have a good. Compression rat

  • 2012-04-05

    Save Gas, Boost Horsepower

    SUPERCHARGE YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR SUV FOR ONLY $39! Maybe youre trying to beat your personal best at the track or tune your street rod to smoke some fool off the line. Maybe youre towing a boat or trailer and need a boost to get over the next