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Cheers and Jeers Substitute Thursday

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Cheers Jeers Thursd Substitute

Good Morning Irregulars!!!
Poli’s Adventures in Wingnutia—
Took Mom to get new glasses, the Optician’s shop was busy.  A fat guy leans back in his chair and says loudly "Obama does not meet THE ONLY REQUIREMENT TO BE PRESIDENT" (there are 3) "Obama was borm in Kenya!"  Mom starts to make comments....the guy gets LOUDER.  THE GOVERNOR OF HAWAII SEALED ALL THE PUBLIC RECORDS!  No one has seen his birth certificate! (the governor didn’t seal ANY public records,see what really happened.) Mom continues to make comments—I tell her to shut up.  She ignores me.  She tells him I have a Ph.D. and I know what I am talking about. I roll my eyes.  The guy leans over, face-to-face with my 82 year old, 4’ 9" Mother and it appeared he was getting ready to hit her. The Optician leaps to his feet, worried about Mom---then the guy, his breath labored,  snarls "I’ll show you MY Ph.D. if you show me yours." (ewww)  He turned and left. Mom says "I thought he was kidding."  

CHEERS AND JEERS starts in There's Moresville....(SWOOSH!)RIGHTNOW (GONG!!)

Disclaimer:This is an unofficial Cheers and Jeers and in no way has anything to do with the master, Bill in Portland Maine's brilliant series.  Except of course, his chocolate lab, Molly just loves me and Michael is rather fond of me as well.

Puppy Pic of the Day: (for juslikagrzly)

Cheers and Jeers Substitute Thursday

Pootie Pic of the day:

Cheers and Jeers Substitute Thursday

And one more

Cheers and Jeers Substitute Thursday

A Maya Angelou moment:

I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass.

JEERS to Michelle "we’re running out of rich people" Bachman—I’m thinking of starting a facebook group, "Michelle Bachman is Dumber that a Box of Rocks," but I didn’t want to insult the box of rocks....She’s on a roll—she has no clue what is in the stimulus package—she thinks ACORN will be getting $5 billion....among other gems of wisdom misinformation and then there was the cringe worthy "You be da man." introduction of Michael Steele at the CPAC confab.

CHEERS to Barbara Bush recovering from heart surgery.

JEERS to Rush Blimpaugh, just JEERS for whatever he does.  Hysterical laughter for him convening a summit to find out why women don’t like him—wow, there aren’t enough hours in the day to list all the reasons...let me count the ways!  Isn’t the era of the "Angry White Guy" over yet?  It is so old and bankrupt and tired already—just like the ideas coming from the Republican Party.  His photo is next to the word "bloviate" in the dictionary.

JEERS to David "It’s so hot when I have to pay for it"  Vitter (R-LA) for introducing legislation to slash funding to Family Planning.  They just don’t get how rich that is, do they?

JEERS to the ever more addled Lou Dobbs--he proclaimed support for Obama's economic policies is at an end--a new poll says only 54% of Americans Support his economic policy! (The poll here actually reports 56% support Obama's economic policies) Gee, last time I checked asswipe, that's a very solid MAJORITY.  

CHEERS to all of the substitutes who have opened the kiddie pool!!!

CHEERS to Bill and Michael—hope they are enjoying their vacation
while I freeze various and sundry parts of my anatomy off here in the frigid north!

CHEERS to everyone here!

CHEERS to reconnecting with old friends on facebook and making new ones all over this fragile little marble we live on!

JEERS to below zero temperatures!  I want Spring,   NOW.

CHEERS to George Clooney and how he uses his celebrity among other things...yum.

One more cute photo:
The Pied Piper--thanks to Jeannette

Cheers and Jeers Substitute Thursday

OK...floor's open!  What are you Cheering and Jeering about?

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