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Joy Air Compressors Specs

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Specs Compressors

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  • Development of Joy Air Compressors
  • Joy Air Compressors have a well-earned reputaion for durability.

    The Joy Manufacturing Company of New York hired four engineers in 1955 and set them up in a hardware store to develop various types of turbo machines. This included gas turbines, axial flow compressors, steam engines, centrifugal and internal gear centrifugal compressors. By 1960, the manufacturing facility focused on producing centrifugal air compressors, that produced oil-free air flow. By 1970, Joy Centrifugal Compressors were being used throughout the world to produce: glass, autos, textiles, petrochemicals, in snow-making, electronics, refining, industrial gases, chemical and energy production. In 1979, Joy became part of the Denver-Gardner Company, which was later acquired by Cooper Industries.

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