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Atlas Copco T45 Shank Adapter

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Adapter t45 Copco shank Atlas

Specifications 1.shank adaptors suitable for rock drills. 2. Size: r28,r32,r38,t38,t45,t51,t60. 3.productivity: 5000pcs/month. 1.specifications. Shank adaptor or shank adapter, the task of the shank adapter is to transmit rotation torque, feed force, impact energy and flushing medium to the drill string. The shank adapters from pro-drill are therefore designed to withstand the high impact power of modern. Rock drills and made from specially selected made of ... Which also is hardened through carburizing. Around 300 different shank adapters suitable for different rock drills .male shank adapters are ideal for drifting, tunneling & extension application where high bending stresses are present, female shank adapters are used when the drilling space is limited and the total feed length is important. 2.size. 3. Our products:. 1) integral drill steels (integral drill rods). Shank h22x108mm, h19x108mm, standard hex. Bit diameters include 20-42mm. 2) tapered drilling tools (tapered drill steel). Including:. Shank h22x 108mm, (6, 7, 11, 12 degree taper) taper rods in most lengths. A comprehensive range of button bits, cross bits and chisel bits with (6, 7, 11, 12 degree taper). Bit diameter: 28mm-57mm. 3) extension drilling tools. Button bit, face design: flat face, drop centre, normal and retrac body. Tungsten carbide (buttons): spherical, ballistic and conical. (threaded r32, r38, t38, t45, t51, bit diameter: 45mm-127mm);. Couplings sleeves. Manufactured with a middle stop to prevent w

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