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Custom Turbocharger / Turbo Diesel for Perkins T250

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Custom Turbocharger / Turbo Diesel for Perkins T250

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Custom Turbocharger / Turbo Diesel for Perkins T250-02-2674A066


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BT81042PerkinsTB25 2674A150 727530-5003

BT81042PerkinsTB25 2674A056 452073-0004 

BT81051PerkinsGT25 2674A404

BT81053PerkinsTBP4 2674A059 727530-5008

BT81054PerkinsTBP4 2674A128 702402-5002

BT81055PerkinsT250-02 2674A066  452073-0004

BT81056PerkinsTBP4 2674A082 702422-0004

BT81057PerkinsTA3120 2674A394 466854-0001 


BT81059PerkinsTB41312674A110  2674A154 2674A162

BT81060PerkinsGT2052S2674A391  727266-0001

BT81061PerkinsGT2049S 2674A421  754111-0007

BT81062PerkinsTO4E35 2674A080  452077-5004S

Established in 2005, HiLiQi is an independent professional turbocharger distributor. Our main strength lies in assembling, manufacturing and importing varieties of turbochargers and its spare parts for heavy machinery, business cars, and electric generating sets.
Our products covers as many as more than 400 turbo models, also more than 1000 models of spare parts.

During last 6 years’ robust development, HiLiQi has established a complete distribution net work in China, is authorized with independent import and export right, and obtained the ISO9001-internationally accepted quality certificate.

HiLiQi distributes our own brand products. We are also the agent of genuine Holset turbochargers.

With more than ten years of turbocharger field experience, HiLiQi have single-maindedly working on improving both turbo qualities and diversifing models. Good quality, timely service and competitive price, all win us a good fame in turbo field despite the international intense competition.

We have established close and steady ties with more than 40 countries and regions world wide, including countries in Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East and so on. 

HiLiQi is looking forward to joining hands with you and working for our better future

Custom Turbocharger / Turbo Diesel for Perkins T250-02-2674A066

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