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Audi A4 B5 1.9TDI P1557 Overboost

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Turbo Works guess 3000rpm

Hi, thanks for the quick replys!

The turbo i bought was a brand new. At least i think so, ive got some people from Poland that i work with that i had to get me a new turbo from Audi when they where at home so it should be OEM. Got it in a new box stamped with audi/vw, looked genuine, and it looked all new. The car tho is a 2000mod with 250 000KM/155 000miles on the clock and i assume it has only run about 40-50 000KM since the turbo replacement. But the intake was not cleaned during this process, since we didnt remove the intake when removing the turbo. I will check the arm movement with the outputs to see if it moves any differently.

Funny thing is that i filled my car up with Shell's V-Power diesel to clear up some junk on the injectors, but this started to happen right after.. Mind you that ive never filled this stuff before and this isnt something that i would do more than once a year.

And the second thing i noticed on the readings was that the turbo pressure stays almost flat at 2500mbar even if the RPM is still climbing. At 3250RPM the boost pressure is at 2500mbar and at 4400RPM its about the same. Shouldn't the boost just increase with the RPM if the VNT is stuck?


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