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GT22V (VNT Turbo) on a 300D

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Turbo 300D GT22V

The vane control is not a boost level control, but rather a 'rate of boost increase' control and so does not respond in the same manner as a conventional wastegate actuator. Some significant driveability issues can be experienced.

I have been planning on installing a VNT on both my '82 300SD and my '83 VW 1.6TD Vanagon. In neither case am I particularly interested in significantly increasing the peak hp, but rather simply increasing the low-end torque for good off the line performance. In both cases the added air early in the rpm's should actually help fuel economy as well as performance.

My vane control will be all mechanical and have 3 parts/inputs. There will be a simple fairly weak spring to hold the vanes normally open. There will be a cable attached to the trottle linkage that will terminate at a spring acting in the opposite direction to close the vanes. The pressure of the spring will obviously increase according to the degree that the throttle is depressed. The third input will be a can that reacts to boost pressure. The place where the actuator arm of the can attaches to the vane control lever will be a channel that allows the vanes full opening ability, but will limit the degree that the vanes can be closed, according to boost pressure.

The control system should accomplish several goals:
It will fail safe. It will free flow at idle. It should not be excessively jumpy at highway cruising unless someone mashes the pedal abruptly (in which case they deserve the accompanying boost spike). It will be very simple to make and adjust.

Ideally, for complete idiotproof driveability, a vane control should also have an rpm input that opens the vanes according to engine rpm to avoid potential boost spikes with higher rpm driving, but I prefer not to let idiots drive my cars.:wacko:

There have been two significant setbacks that have kept me from quickly completeing either project. The VNT for the Mercedes has taken a long time to arrive and the transmission of my TD Vanagon has started to have a 4th and 5th gear issue and so will need rebuilding. AARGH.


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