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Radio Control Product(3)

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Product radio control

Orders over $250 Include Free Ground Freight (48 States)


PowerBox Mercury SRS System

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New From JR: XBus Pro Wide Voltage
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Hitec Servos - Hi-Torque From $69.95
7955TG, 7985MG, M7990TH & 7980TH

Savox HV Metal & Titanium Gear...From $25.99
Savox Digital Metal & Titanium Gear...From $29.99
MKS X8 High Torque HV...$189.99
MKS X6 Speed/Torque HV...$189.99

Orders over $250 Include Free Ground Freight (48 States)


JR, Hitec, MKS, Savox Servos

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Systems Starting at $218.00

Fixed Wing iGyro Systems:
3-Axis iGyro: From $195.00
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Receiver Batteries From $99.00
SparkSwitch 5.9V or 7.4V...$53.50

Full Line of Leads, Adapters & Accessories In-Stock

Orders Over $250 Include Ground Freight (48 States)


PowerBox Systems

Falcon Carbon Fiber Propellers & Spinners  

18 in to 32 in Sizes Available - Prices Starting at $50.00
Includes FREE Prop Covers with 20" & Larger
Spinners form 3.5" to 5" Starting at $65.50

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Designed to enhance engine torque and vertical performance  

Falcon Carbon Fiber Propellers

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