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Radio Control Product(2)

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Product radio control

Full Carbon reinforced fuselage and wings  

Pilot RC Extra 330LX

Jeti-USA Radios and Receivers In Stock  

DS-16 Duplex Radios From $1,495.00
DS-14 Duplex Radios From $795.00

Recievers From $49.00
Power Systems From $129.00
Switches, Batteries and More In Stock


Jeti-USA Radios

Predator 2.2m Turbine Jet  

2.2m Length - All Composite Construction
Turbine Ready Version...$2,999.00
Electric Retracts , 8 Servos & Wingbag

Landing Gear & Tailpipe Version...$2,099.00

Multiple Schemes On Order


Pilot RC Predator Turbine Jet


Smoke-EL Wingtip Smoke Systems  

G-Force Wingtip System...Only $650.00
3-Axis Sensor Creates Realistic Wing Trails

Kits Include Everything but Batteries & Tank

Comes with Quality Festo Fittings

Automatically activates and deactivates with turns

Adjustable with your smartphone & PowerBox sensors  

Smoke-EL Wingtip Systems

Blade Torrent 110 FPV BNF & Fat Shark Headsets - In Stock  

Blade Torrent 110 FPV BNF Basic...$199.99
Micro Brushless FPV Racing for Beginners & Competitors

DX6e DSMX 6-Channel Radio...$149.99
Teleporter V4 Video Headset...$199.99

Free Shipping on Orders Over $250


Blade Torrent

FMS Models Electric Airplanes - Now In-Stock!  

B-25 Mitchell 1470mm PNP...Only $299.99
P-47 Razorback 1500mm PNP...Only $359.99
A-10 Thunderbolt II PNP...Only $439.99
T-28D Trojan V4 1400mm PNP... Only $329.99
P-51D 1400mm PNP...Only $299.99


FMS Models Electric Airplanes

Yuneec Typhoon H & Q500 RTF 4K Multirotors  

Typhoon H RTF...$1,299.99
with CGO3+ 4K Camera and ST16 Transmitter

Typhoon H RTF w/RealSense...$1,899.99
with 4K Camera, Backpack and ST16 Transmitter

Free Shipping on Orders Over $250


Typhoon H RTF


PowerBox Systems Mercury SRS with Internal iGyro  

Mercury SRS with GPS...$489.95 - In Stock
Mercury SRS without GPS...$409.00
Includes: Internal iGyro, LCD & Sensor Switch

Triple-axis gyro system with attitude assist function

Expanded setup assistant for ultra-simple operation

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