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Radio Control Product

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Product radio control

Another way Chief Aircraft Inc. saves you more money!

With the high cost of shipping Chief Aircraft now offers FREE Ground Shipping on orders over $250 within the 48 contiguous states. This service includes ground freight on qualifying orders paid by credit card, wire transfer or prepaid check. Oversized packages (16"h x 16"l or larger and 25 lbs or more) and hazardous materials are excluded (these packages will be shipped at published rate with no additional markup). Our FREE Shipping includes insurance up to $5000 and email tracking. If you have any questions whether your order qualifies for the FREE Ground shipping policy, please contact one of our sales representatives toll free! Does not apply to General Aviation. 2-4 day service from Oregon and Florida


Viper 70mm EDF Jet BNF Basic with AS3X & SAFE Select  

Now In Stock...Only $249.99

The best choice for a first EDF jet model because it’s easy to take off, fly and land.

First high-performance EDF jet with SAFE Select technology

Unique trim scheme by Aircraft Studio Design

Lightweight yet strong and durable EPO construction  

Viper 70mm EDF Jet

Krill Models 38% Laser Z-2300 - Ultimate 3D Machine  

Now In Stock...Only $2,495.00 - Save $200
Save $700 While Supplies Last
2.8M Wingspan for 150cc & Up Power

Purpose Built for 150-170cc Power

Designed for 3D & Pattern Flying

Krill Models Laser Z-2300

10% Off Select Models While Supplies Last  

Save Over $150 with Deep Discounts - Limited Quantities

YAK 54: 35%...$944.00 - Reg: $1,049.00
Edge 540 V3: 37%...$989.00 - Reg: $1,099.00


Pilot Skywolf Sale

Bavarian Demon Cortex Pro Fixed Wing 3-Axis Gyro  

Cortex PRO 3-Axis Fixed Wing Gyro...$299.00
Cortex 3-Axis Gyro w/USB Programmer...$289.00
Cortex 3-Axis Gyro...$249.00

Supports: 2 ailerons, 2 elevators, 1 rudder

Get to know the carefree satisfaction of flying

Free Shipping on Orders Over $250


BD Cortex Gyro

DJI Inspire & Mavic RTF 4K Multirotors - In Stock  

Mavic PRO 4K RTF...$899.00 - Save $100
The DJI Mavic Pro folds down as small as a bottle of water!

DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 4K RTF...$1,999.00
Includes professional 4K camera & 3-axis gimbal

Free Shipping on Orders Over $250


DJI Inspire & Mavic RTF

Spektrum iX12 DSMX Radio  

iX12 DSMX Radio with AR9030T...$699.99
iX12 DSMX Transmitter Only...$599.99

Simply “Tap” Into It

Touchscreen With Android-Powered Interface

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro Usb Connectivity

Programmable Voice and Audio Alerts

Superb Ergonomics  

iX12 Radio

Extra 330LX Airplanes  

New Sizes and Schemes Available
35% Extra 330LX 120cc ARF...$1,149.00
31% Extra 330LX 60-70cc ARF...$799.00

Large aileron & elevator surfaces

Thinner wing & stab airfoils

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