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Chevrolet Camaro vs Ford Mustang

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ford Chevrolet Mustang CAMARO

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Avatar for Jeremy Kraft

  Jeremy Kraft   (9:45 PM, February 13, 2015)  
Says the butthurt Mustang supporter. Sorry but the Mustang has always had it's ass kicked by it's better half ;)  
BDawg   (3:34 PM, August 15, 2014)  
I haven't seen a bias comparison yet  
No thanks   (3:53 PM, November 03, 2013)  
Horribly inaccurate information. Thanks for wasting my time, this post is on the house.  
Tim   (10:16 AM, May 25, 2013)  
Sweet! Good for you!  

Avatar for Steven Horton

  Steven Horton   (8:26 PM, October 29, 2012)  
hahahahahaha this is awful. My brother has an SS that came with satellite radio, a moon roof and its 0-60 is 4.6 stock. Whoever made this comparison is severely retarded.  

Avatar for Chris surfcrab

  Chris surfcrab   (7:54 PM, October 02, 2012)  
Ahhh. ! Just give me a nice little smart car...its so smart that it doubles as a coffin if I get hit by anything bigger than a skateboard. . I always was a camaro fan but mustang won me over. The camaro looks to beefed up and angular to the point that it looks gaudy and already dated.  
Unbiased James   (11:57 PM, September 29, 2012)  
I don't know how I got to this weak ass website....Biased in many comparisons. Last time I use this site.  
Really!   (5:22 PM, August 04, 2012)  
The below post was misapplied.  My son made the post and inadvertently made it using my disqus profile.  But I concur with is comments.  
Really!   (4:39 PM, August 04, 2012)  
My Camaro has a Sun Roof.   And while I like both cars, I chose the Camaro over the Mustang for several reasons, the first being, it was just a better handling and riding  road car. Everything was smooth from launch to corners, with better shifting. The second was, everybody has a Mustang, they really need to got to the next version.  The current buckboard version is antiquated.  
Aaron_k33   (1:20 PM, August 04, 2012)  
This seriously the worst review i've ever read. You guys don't have a clue about either of these vehicles. You really need to be shut down,you're a disgrace to all car reviewers online. You suck!
Zwillie1121   (7:13 PM, July 27, 2012)  
I'm a camaro fan, and always will be one e. But even I know that the mustang GT IS THE OVERALL BETTER PERFORMANCE CAR! Who ever wrote this needs to do it from a neutrel position.  
Kbreese   (1:23 AM, June 22, 2012)  
 LMFAO, what a pathetic attempt at an automotive comparison here. The camaro isn't a bad car, to each their own, but there is so much information here and overall the mustang is definitely the better car...and its faster and more nimble as well.  
Kmparker85   (2:17 AM, May 16, 2012)  
I'd like to know who wrote these stats? Lol I have a mustang gt with leather and power seats both driver and passenger lol. I also have a full glass roof on the car. And there are airbags in doors seats and dash.. Also in back.. It def comes stock with an amp and sub, also speed sensitive volume.. It also has a navigation option .. Clearly whoever wrote this is aiming for people to choose camaro.. If your going to compare vehicles get your info straight.  
Bob123   (7:25 PM, May 10, 2012)  
Every single comparison I see on this site is way bias. Wont be using this site anymore  
Ssabaran   (11:24 PM, May 06, 2012)  
I Call BS, Mustang has higher acceleration due to weight ratio, dont go by numbers.
Also mine has leather seats, power seats, higher visiblity, Nav, and the mach system.
Please learn your facts before posting an article that you have no clue on.
Bowtie   (1:05 PM, May 02, 2012)  
Someone doesn't know how to drive the Camaro.  The 13.6 quarter mile time is much too high.  
Kengeorge@activecomputer.com   (2:39 AM, March 06, 2012)  
Several errors here. I drove the 2012 camaro ss and mustang gt convertibles. Shaker sound is far better in mustang. Camaro has really bad visibility and bulky feel handling. Gt has on screen setting for sport drive that is far better handling. Lower rear even results in faster times. Camaro has a good look for a teenager that is not as cool as the solid mustang in the words of the teenagers I took in both. I opted for the GT premium, Shaker Sound, 400 package, leather seats with tight stitching my euro sports car friends found to be very impressive. The classic look, color decor lights and extremely comfortable seats add quite a bit. When you drop the pedal on the Camaro, it makes a good pull but not as earth moving as the GT, which had the girls from work screaming a little joy like a good roller coaster. For the driver, the stang is a tighter package that handles well in sport mode, like a 911 stretched and pumped. The GT has under 100 lb diff in weight front to back.  
Brianr987   (5:47 AM, February 28, 2012)  
Ha, I have a 2012 GT. Mine has a subwolfer and I'm happy that I can do 0-60 and the quarter mile faster :) This is a patheticreview.  
Thefleast   (4:08 PM, February 12, 2012)  
Correct there are many items missing from the comparison. I'm in the process of replacing my 06' GT convertable with a 2012 GT-CS convertible and both offer Shaker 1000 with sub woofer and the 12' has Nav.  I checked and test drove both and feel more compfortable in the Mustang (better visibility).  Maybe I'm a little biased with my previous stangs 66', 71', 05 and 06'.  
Harry   (1:28 AM, February 10, 2012)  
I have to go with the Mustang. I've been a Mustang fan for many years. These are the Mustangs that I've owned so far:

1966 Mustang with 289 cubic inch engine

1970 Boss 302 Mustang

1995 Mustang GT
My next Mustang will be a 2012 Mustang Gt
DTW   (10:42 PM, February 08, 2012)  
This has so many errors in it just from a quick glance.  The Mustang GT has power seats, has navigation (both are options) and the pictures you have are of the V6 Mustang, not the Mustang GT.  I don't know the Camaro well, but have to assume there are factual errors there.
Poor job in this comparison.

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