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Frankfurt Motor Show 2013, as it happened

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Frankfurt Motor Show Motor Sho

18.04 At the start of this blog we tried to convey the scale of the Frankfurt motor show with a few facts and figures. In this video the Telegraph's Leo Wilkinson provides a practical demonstration by visiting the Mercedes stand. Located in a hall which used to house the entire Frankfurt motor show, it even has its own TV studio:

17.58 David Millward, the Telegraph's Transport Editor, reports on how supercars such as the Porsche 918 Spyder, mean that hybrids are no longer the preserve of the environmentally sensitive:

Friends of the Earth gave the initiative a welcome, saying: 'Clearly people will continue to drive, whether it is in a Porsche or a Panda.'

'If it’s in a Porsche and it has lower emissions than a Panda, that is a good thing.'

17.51 With his pedometer reading 7.4 miles, Andrew English tracked down the Renault Initiale:

This Espace concept was so blinged up it looked like the result of not one, but two or three Pimp My Ride treatments. Actually it was pretty hard to look at, with overworked detail dripping from every nook and cranny. The roof tresses looked like a scrap yard, the sills looked like a coral reef, the dashboard like a bad-taste fashion watch.

Renault plans to launch Initiale as a top-of-the-range model across its ranges and eventually as a stand-alone brand. I think I am too old. I also wondered whether this might be Laurens van den Acker’s Bangle moment. In 2001, head of BMW design, Chris Bangle designed the supremely controversial asymmetrical X Coupe concept. In the following months, fellow designers would cross the road rather than risk Bangle asking them what they thought of the car.

17.35 Right, time for a poll to see what you rate as the star car of this year's Frankfurt motor show:

What is the star car of the Frankfurt motor show?

17.26 Andrew English, the Telegraph's motoring correspondent, has been snapping away at the Renault Initiale. It seems unlikely that the interior and roof of this concept will make it through to the production car...

17.20 More pictures of the S-class coupé, which has a very distinctive rear for a Mercedes:

17.10 The current Ford S-Max has been extremely popular thanks to its seven seats and good driving dynamics. The concept's interior majors on style, but retains those seven seats (the central second row can fold down to create a roomy four-seater):

17.07 The Telegraph's Leo Wilkinson has more on the Ford S-Max concept, which has been unveiled today at the Frankfurt motor show:

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