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spoiltone wrote:yeah what jet said, from the 300zx.

and pretty sure the r35 gtr, is still a skyline

Nope. The current Skyline, the V36, uses the FM platform, whereas the current GTR, the R35, uses the PM platform. Not just different bodies, but different 'chassis', suspension, brakes, drivetrain, interior, everything...

spoiltone wrote:it is a nissan skyline r35 gtr

Tell that to Nissan and see what they say back!

spoiltone wrote:and the turbos are fine just need to make a exhaust flange,

Yeah, nope. As I said, the turbine housings are cast integral with the exhaust manifold. So either have a custom regular style housing machined up, or have a three cylinder engine with the same cylinder head exhaust runners as the VR38DETT.

spoiltone wrote: best turbo is, a garret gt17 . nice little unit. and cheap

This is my favourite, the disco potato - ?id=1670 Perfect for an SR20DET, which, strangely enough, is the motor in my car...

spoiltone wrote:or gt25.

here is a pic of, my old soarer, i fitted 2 gt17s to it

Very nice! Did you ever dyno it?

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