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700R4 Transmission Sale

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700R4 transmission used 700R4

List Price:   (REG $1,795.00) (SD 1,995.00)  
700R4 Sale Price 2WD: $1,195.00 (With Lock Up Converter)  
Super Duty, Corvette, 4WD: $1,495.00 (With Lock Up Converter)  
Core Deposit: $600.00  

Core Questions

Delivery and Core Shipping: Call for a Competitive Freight Quote  
Sales Tax Applied: 0.00%  
5 Star Product Rating: ★★★★★  
Phone Order: 1-888-995-7278 Mon-Sun 8-9 CST  



Chevy 4L60/700R4 Transmissions Vehicle Applications Make Model Engine Years
Chevy   Astro Van   4.3L   1985-1992  
Corvette   5.7L   1982-1992  
Blazer   2.0L   1982-1991  
Caprice   3.8L / 5.0L   1982-1992  
Camaro   2.8L / 5.0L   1983-1992  
Suburban   6.2L   1984-1992  
S10 Pickup   2.5L / 2.8L   1989-1991  
S10 Blazer   2.5L / 2.8L   1989-1992  
GMC   Jimmy   2.0L / 2.8L   1982-1993  
Safari Van   4.3L   1983-1990  
Syclone   4.3L   1991-1992  
S10 / S15 Sonoma   2.5L / 2.8L   1983-1991  
S15 Pickup   2.5L / 2.8L   1983-1991  
Pontiac   Firebird   5.7L   1983-1992  
Buick   LeSabre   5.0L   1984  
Cadillac   Fleetwood   5.7L   1990-1992  
Brougham   5.7L   1990-1992  
Limousine   5.7L   1990-1992  
Holden   Commodore   5.0L   1988-1992  
700R4 Transmission Info/Specs
Gears / Type: 4 Speed Automatic Transmission  
Original Manufacturer: Turbo-Hydramatic / General Motors  
Group: GM "THM" series  
4X2 or 4X4: We have 2 and 4WD models available.  
Kick down Cable: Yes  
Pan Bolts: 16  
Lock up Torque Converter: Yes  
Spline Count 1982-1988: 27 Spline  
Spline Count 1988-1993: 30 Spline  
Recommended Fluid: ATF  
TH 700-R4 Weight (Dry): 175  
Case Length: 23.375  
Bell Housing Type: Integral  
Case Material: Aluminum  
Torque Converter: We don't charge extra for necessary components. The 700R4 torque converter is included with every transmission.
Upgraded Torque Converters Available
Upgraded Internal Components: Yes:
Performance shift kit, valve body improver kit, and more.
Dyno Tested: Yes:
up to 35,000 RPM at an extended period of time.
Inspection, Checked for: Leaks
Shifting Difficulties
Excessive Noise
Temperature and Performance
700R4 Transmission Gear Ratios:

3.06 - First
1.62 - Second
1.0 - Third
0.70 - Fourth
2.29 - Reverse

TM 700-R4 transmission Bolt Pattern Identification:

One of the ways you can identify the 700R4 transmission from its counterparts is by the shape and bolt pattern of its oil pan. The 700-R4 pan contains 16 bolts. The diagram below shows the pattern on the figure labeled with the number six.

700R4 Oil Pan Pattern

Hollander Interchange Numbers: 400-02265A
Installer Notes: The case will have the letter H or C embossed into it. When interchanging Camaro and Firebird with other models, the rear extension housing must be switched to mount the torque arm.
Be sure the "T.V." or throttle valve cable is properly adjusted during the installation to ensure the 4L60 transmission does not overheat.

Questions Answered About The 700R4 Transmission

May 15th, 2013

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