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Crossover piping?

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crossover Piping

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Ive done a LOT of work on Early C5s and Late Model C5s. Sometimes the Steam Piping below the intake manifold needs to be modified. Ive posted information on this topic several times but never did a dedicated POST on the details. SO,,, Here are some pictures and details on all the things th...

Why do I need an exhaust crossover?

Rebuilt the 283 in my 1960 and used the intake manifold gasket that blocks off the exhaust crossover under the carb as recommended by some here. I know that the HP engines used a crossover under the engine so GM must have thought it important. I am now redoing my exhaust system so do I need to ...

LS6 coolant crossover piping/plugs options

I just bought an ls6 intake and it's coming with the crossover pipe, but I can't seem to find a place that sells the plugs, anyone ave any suggestions for where to find them or other solutions? Thanks Edit: Gonna call the dealership and see if they have the plugs, just got the part number (2x...

Crossover Pipe material

Im starting to build my crossover pipe for my lq4 turbo build. I happen to have a bunch of 2.5 inch 304ss 16 gauge piping laying around. Is this thick enough material or should I go with something thicker. What are some other sizes people have run? ');

Finding 4 - way crossover HELP

Does anyone know a make/model on an crossover that will handle 1 hp, 2 bp, and 1 Lp, crossover settings?*It will be used for my tweeters for HP, my front and rear mid range speakers for BP, and subs for LP. My budget is under $100

NB Crossover pipe on 1.8 NA?

I checked the parts compatibility guide for NAs and NBs on Miata.net and I didn't see the crossover pipe on the list of yays or nays. I know the 1.6 crossover pipe goes under the radiator hose, but the 1.8 NA pipe goes straight over. So my question is will a NB crossover pipe from a 99 fit on a 9...

Cooling piping question

Having some issues getting my return line to the radiator to fit around the crossover and merge pipes. Currently have 18" x 26" radiator with custom support already installed for the radiator. Between the 5" DP and the crossover the front is very tight. Just looked at RPS and they have ...

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