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Best street turbo on ext ported 13b

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Turbo best street Ported

Well as stated it depends what you want.

I really like s5 hiflows, More then enough power for the street without going crazy.

GT35rs and t04z's are the most common upgrade i would say.

Both have samiliar power gains, GT35r spools quicker but t04z has slightly more top end.

Anything bigger then those two turbos is more moving away from a street car and moving into drag car territory, but thats just my opinion.

To give you an example of just how good hiflows are, There is a bridgeport turbo FC getting around that made 250 odd rwkw on low boost and rev cuts. His name is scott i believe if you wanted to find him.

Im also going a hiflow and aiming to get around 270 - 280rwhp, Which in my eyes, is plenty for the street. If i done the math right, good for 12's in a 1st gen, Which isnt slow

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