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Turbonetics Turbocharger

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turbocharger Turbonetics

Item Description

Turbonetics T3/T04B Custom

Compressor Wheel Trim: Super V

Compressor Inlet size: 3"

Bearing Type: Standard Journal

Cooling: Oil Cooled Only

Turbine Wheel :F157

Turbine Housing Discharge: 5 bolt standard

Turbine Housing a/r: .63a/r standard

Rated at 400hp

The classic T3/T4 Hybrid has come a long way. Originally, standard T3 turbine components were combined with the slightly larger T4 compressor side to produce great horsepower at a quick response rate. But since the early days of the T3 / T4, Turbonetics has not only upgraded the outdated T3 aerodynamics to modern F1 wheels, we have also added modern compressor wheels and a huge list of options. T04B and T04E options are available in this line of turbos

Know exactly what you are looking for, but cannot find it? No need to make something off the shelf work. Turbonetics offers custom-built turbochargers designed to your specifications. Choose your turbine and compressor wheel, add ball bearing and water cooling options, fine tune with the right turbine housing size and end up with the perfect turbocharger for your vehicle at no extra charge.

If you need help selecting your combination, feel free to call or email us at GO-AUTOWORKS.

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