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How a mustang turbo works, types of turbos, installation kits(2)

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We know we can get roughly 210 more horsepower with 14.7 lbs of turbo boost. Then take that 14.7 and divide it by 210 (the extra horsepower). The answer = .07 which you can now multiply by your desired extra horsepower to see how much boost is needed.

( .07 X 100 (the extra horsepower you want) = 7 lbs of boost for a total horsepower of 310 )

Easy like pie!

But we wanted 400 horsepower, so lets take .07 X 190 ( the extra horsepower to up it to 400) and we get 13.3 lbs of boost pressure.

So you could just look for a turbo kit that makes about 13.3 lbs of boost. Does that work? Yep. Our little 210 horsepower 289 V8 gets another 190 horsepower at 13.7 psi for a total of 400 horsepower.

Put the power where you want it

The last part of the equation is where in that power band you want that extra power and that comes down to how you drive, where you want it and where the original motor makes its power.

And that is where you start to look at turbo Mustang kit specs. Find the kit that suits you. If you want lots of power and you already have trouble getting traction, get a bigger body turbo, which will take longer to make the extra power.

If you have lots of top end, but no low end grunt, a smaller turbo mustang kit will probably make you a lot happier. Or maybe a twin screw setup would work better.

Types of Mustang turbo kits:

Single turbo kits:

A single turbo Mustang set up, consists of one turbocharger, mounted to the exhaust outlets on one side of the motor.

Depending on the age of your car, some turbo kits for computerized cars, include a computer tuner chip to change the fuel map of the motor and time injector pulses, a blow off valve, plus larger injectors. Earlier packages simply use what's called a waste gate, to bleed off excess pressure when required and a single injector to add the additional fuel.

The amount of extra power is determined by the size of the turbo and the amount of boost that is set.

Twin turbo Mustang kits:

Twin turbo mustang kits provide more total power, as well as the potential to improve overall throttle response and driveability.

The two typical offerings fall into one of two categories:

Two smaller turbos:

Smaller turbochargers spool up faster, which means when you mash the throttle, you get that extra boost and power faster than you would with only one big unit.

One smaller and 1 larger turbo:

The idea here is that the smaller turbo gets to speed faster and you get a more instant throttle response, then as power and engine speed increase, the second turbo kicks in and delivers the one-two punch when getting traction is less of an issue.

Turbo Kit Sources

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