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Speed Engineering and Dyno

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Engineering dyno speed

Real Horsepower - Performance - Speed Engineering and Dyno, F-Body X-Package.


2010 Camaro |

Performance Packages

Where you get REAL Wheel Horsepower and buy Record Setting PERFORMANCE !

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01 Z06 with the X package


Stock LS1  vs   X package LS1


Stock LS1  vs  X.5c Package LS1


X package LS1  vs  X.5c package LS1


Stock LS1  vs  X package LS1  vs   X.5c package LS1


X.5c Package LS1


XXX Package LS1



400 rwhp LS1  X package  (external bolt-ons)The X package consists of a combination of components that work in harmony together with custom tuning to produce the absolute maximum power gains without the use of power adders and without heads and cam.  It was first developed on an '01 Z06 Corvette in 2001.  This car ran 11.44 @ 122 mph when most cars with heads and cam weren't running that well.  This was a daily driver with the stock gear and at full weight. The perfect combination of parts and precision tuning is the key to the X package and the X package is the key to getting the most power available from a Naturally Aspirated Stock long block.  Some people like not changing heads and cam because it allows them to maintain the factory warranty.  Some people just don't want the "race car" sound or give up the drivability that comes with a cam.  Some people just want to have as much power as a lot of head/cam packages are providing so that when they do heads and cam they will be well ahead of the game.  No matter what you want, the X package gives the absolute most power available from external bolt-ons.  We can also modify this package to work on other LS1 Vehicles as well as LS6, LS2, LS3, LS4, LS7 and LS9, with each one making more power respectively.  Check out the  LS1 F-body X package Dyno here - 400 RWHP - naturally aspirated - without heads/cam.   The X packages are available only as in-house turnkey packages.


440+ rwhp LS1  X.5c package  (add Cam only)The X.5c package is our cam only package.  We take the X package and add a custom ground Speed Engineering hydraulic cam.  RWHP will vary depending on how aggressive you choose to go.  Our original X package F-body with the addition of one of our smaller "stock gear" cams made 442 RWHP, that's a 42 RWHP gain over our all ready impressive X package.  With one of our huge cams you can see over 450 rwhp "cam only".

440+ rwhp LS1  X.5h package  (add Heads only)The X.5h package is our heads only package.  We take the X package and add a set of our custom Speed Engineering cylinder heads.  RWHP will vary depending on which heads you choose to go with and which stock cam your car came with.  With a set of our budget heads you can see ~ 440 rwhp.  With our XX heads you can see ~ 450+ rwhp and some incredible area under the curve.  Choose this option for 100% stock drivability.

500+ rwhp LS1  XX package  (add ported Heads and Cam)The XX package consists of the X package with the addition of heads and cam.  This still uses the stock 346 cid short block.  Only the best heads and cam are used to obtain the 510 RWHP mark.  The cam is a custom grind Speed Engineering hydraulic design that is tailored to each customer's needs..  This cam is as daily driver friendly as any power cam on the market, if not more.  The heads are CNC ported and hand blended to provide the best power possible.

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