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0001 Bearing Housing For Toyota Avensis D

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GTA1749 Turbo 727210 - 0001 Bearing Housing For Toyota Avensis D - 4D

GTA1749 Turbo 727210-0001 Bearing Housing For Toyota Avensis D-4D

ModelOEM P/NTurbo OE No.Vehicle OE No.MakeModelEngine

GTA1749N/A727210-000117201-0G010-BToyotaAvensis D-4D 114HP (03-) 2.0L D1CD

E&E Turbo Company supplies quality turbocharger bearing housing to the independent aftermarket, originally manufactured by Garrett, Borg Warner (Schwitzer & 3K), MHI (Mitsubishi), IHI, Toyota, Komatsu& Hitachi.

Applications cover Ford, Volvo, Chrysler, Caterpillar, , Detroit, Navistar, Saab, Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Fiat, Nissan, and more.

Our company products cover all popular makes and applications of turbo as followed:

Garrett:GT12, GT15-25, GT37-40, GT42-45, GT50-UTV-BTG, GT60, T2, T3, T04B-E, T04S , T12-60, T18-18A, T2-T25-T28, T3, TA45-51, TL-V-W, TV91-94
KKK:3LD, 4HD-MD, K03-04, K14-16, K24, K26, K27, K28-29, K31, K33, K36-37, KP/BV31-39
Schwitzer:3LD, 4HD-MD, 4LE-F-G, B2, S1B, S200, S2A, S2B-C-E, S3-3A, S300, S3B, S400, S4D, S4T, S500
MHI:TC04, TC06, TD02-03, TF035, TD04, TD05-06, TD07-08, TD13,
IHI:RHB3, RHB5-51, RHB6, RHB7, RHC6, RHC7, RHF3, RHF4, RHF5, RHF55
Toyata:CT, CT9, CT12, CT12B, CT20, CT20B, CT26, Yaris
Hitachi:HT06, HT07, HT10-12, HT15, HT18, HT20, HT25
Other:K27, K36, K36V, C12, C13, C14, C15

E&E is continually expanding many new bearing housing every month. More bearing housings are currently in development. Please contact E&E for new list available

OEM as followed:

433275-0002, 433145-0005, 454765-0001, 722282-0021, 722282-0012, 722282-0061, 5304-150-0004, 5304-150-0010, 5304-150-0011, 5304-151-0006, 5304-150-0006, 5304-150-0009, 49177-25100, 49177-25600, 49177-25700, 49189-26030, 49189-26050, 49377-25510 446931-0006, 479807-0013, 444357-0013, 435350-0003, 467475-0019, 430027-0046, 430027-0022, 430027-0025, 430027-0048, 430027-0058, 410310-0001, 449168-0001, 408495-0009, 449072-0001, 434578-0003, 434578-0012, 433275-0002, 722282-0012, 722282-0021, 434765-0001, 703882-0001, 479822-0001, 479822-0002, 410310-0004, 443686-0001, 49173-25400, 49189-26400, 49177-20540, 49189-26410, 49177-25100, 49177-20650, 49178-25800, 49178-25100, 49178-25700, 49179-20300, 49179-25300, 49179-25100, 49187-20100 49177-25420, 49177-25400, 49377-20610, 49377-20610, 49377-25200, 49377-25100, 49177-25540

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Quality GTA1749 Turbo 727210 - 0001 Bearing Housing For Toyota Avensis D - 4D wholesale

GTA1749 Turbo 727210 - 0001 Bearing Housing For Toyota Avensis D - 4D

Changzhou E&E Turbo-Power Co., Ltd.

E&E Turbo-Power Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturer & suppliers for high-quality turbocharger & turbo parts in replacement & performance market since 2002. The products are including turbine shaft (shaft & wheel assy.), compressor wheel, repair kits, bearing housing, VNT/VGT nozzle ring, back plate (insert), actuator, standard/oversize bearing, standard/oversize piston ring, heat shield, turbine housing, compressor housing, cartridge (CHRA) and turbocharger with more than 6000 kinds of turbo parts. E&E Turbo can also provide customized products according to customer’s special needs.

E&E Turbo is a certified High-Tech and ISO9001 registered enterprise and has the capacity of manufacturing 400 thousand parts per year. The factory of E&E Turbo covers an area of 11, 000 square meters and has more than 100 employees with over 150 equipments. All the products from E&E turbo will be all inspected by E&E QC team before shipment and have been exported to America, Europe, Oceania, Africa and Asia for over 100 countries.

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