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04 MUSTANG: Turbo Kit

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ford Mustang Mac air intake




Header to turbo (4 pipes total)

Downpipes (From turbo to catback, includes merge to
  hook up to your catback: 3 pipes)

Each pipe coming off the manifolds pre-welded with
  o2 bungs

***We offer a kit that  uses your stock manifolds or you can run a
shorty header or we have a front mount system which includes
headers. Headers are not required for the install. You will however
need your stock manifolds on the car to get started.


Turbo to intercooler

Intercooler to throttle body

All hot parts made of 304 Stainless Steel and 16 gauge material

Cold parts are 304 Stainless Steel 18 Gauge


70mm, .70ar cold/.68 hot T-4 Flanged

3" Core Bar and Plate Front Mount Intercooler (3" inlet and outlet)

Stainless Steel upper radiator hose (Relocated to clear the turbo)

38mm Wastegate (Black)

(3) Wastegate springs – 3.6, 5.8, and 8.8psi springs

50mm Blow-off Valve (Black)

Custom CNC bent Stainless Steel power steering cooler line

Complete Oil feed kit from block to turbo, includes all brass fittings needed

Complete Oil drain kit from turbo to oil pan

All 4ply/5mm Black silicone couplers

T-bolt clamps

All Stainless Steel 2 ½" and 3" V-bands needed

Stainless brackets to support turbo feed and downpipe

*This kit will require the installation of a tubular k-member. It was designed to fit with the Granatelli setup and they
now run QA1, but most other k-members should fit. We do not have a list of kmembers that will work other than what
we have listed.

This kit will allow you to keep your factory accessories all in the stock locations and still drive down the
road blowing cold air from the A/C and taking each turn with the comfort of power steering. Doesn’t get
much better than that on top of knowing you have 400+ rear wheel horsepower with the stomp of your
gas pedal.


Dyno Tested and Proven Kit To Work and Double The Factory Horsepower

Maintain Air Conditioning and Power Steering

All 3" 304 Stainless Steel Tubing, Intercooler Piping and Downpipe

V-band Connections On the Hotside

Downpipe O2 Bung Welded for Wideband Use

Both header to turbo pipes have left and right back O2 bungs as well

Bar and Plate Intercooler

Turbo upgrades to Master Power and Turbonetics Turbos Available Details below

All Hardware For Each Component Supplied In The Kit - INCLUDED

Neatly Packaged to Make Install As Easy As Possible

Complete Instruction Packet w/ Photos

We can make the kit complete for our customers but often times customers have some of the parts
already. So we sell the kit mostly complete and you can add the last few accessories if need be.

***96-98 GT OWNERS, you will have to relocate your coil packs to the firewall in order to fit the turbo where its

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