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C4 2.0 HDi Remove and refit Turbo Wastegate Valve / Engines (common to all variants)

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Villain79 wrote this in the forum 22 Nov 2017 : 09:20

VTR+ water in footwell

Hi newbie to the page and saw this has been spoken about on another thread but my knowledge of cars is basic so need some guidance. My car is an 2006 C4 VTR+ 5 door. Noticed today my passenger side foot well is soaked. Looked on h[more ...]

routemaster1 wrote this in the forum 26 Aug 2017 : 15:22

Something for the Citroënistas. Warning! Picture heavy

Some photos of type H vans I found near Strasbourg in Eastern France last week. If anyone is interested I may be able to figure out the exact location.Also, there was this Citroen truck.

routemaster1 wrote this in the forum 28 Apr 2017 : 04:04

Recall NYB

Just received a recall notification, Recall NYB. It doesn't appear on the database. It says 'the ancilliary drive belt tensioner may not conform to specification. This could cause a noise to be heard under certain driving conditio[more ...]

rogan wrote this in the forum 25 Jun 2016 : 01:09

2014 C4GP - Cruise Control issue

Recently been on a couple of 2 hour expressway drives and cruise working perfectly - it does sit 1kmh over what i set but I can live with that.In very heavy rain on a motorway today at about 100km/h I switched on the cruise and co[more ...]

anytackle wrote this in the forum 08 Jul 2016 : 08:13

C4 EGS Judder When Driving and Setting Off

Hi,I have sadly become a owner of a C4GP! The car has developed a number of faults:1. Particular filter fault now in limp mode2. Leaking rear caliper3. Left wiper not working4. Judder when setting off5. Stutter/Judder when driving[more ...]

Homer09001 wrote this in the forum 10 Jul 2016 : 01:20

No Air-Con?

So I got the Air Con on my 2007 1.6HDi Coupe regassed on Wednesday. I noticed it was cool but not cold like it should be, I have been checking everything I can think off to find out why it's not working.Rewind the early last year [more ...]

jgrand wrote this in the forum 20 Jun 2016 : 05:37

12v Fuse location and amps?

Hi, I've just come back from a camp trip. I used the 12v socket for an high pressure electric pump rated at 10 amps. Ive used the pump on my audi and not had any issues with the pump.Basically it appears the fuses have blown insta[more ...]

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