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Banzai Racing 20B Conversion Turbo Installation

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20B Conversion Page #3

Turbo, I/C, Oil and Fuel Systems

We are installing the GT42RS Turbo. Below are photographs of the turbo and comparison pics with the GT35R.

Turbo #1

Turbo #2

Turbo #3

Turbo Comparison with GT35R

Using the Racing Beat flange, we custom fabricated the 20B Exhaust Manifold and then had it Jet-Hot coated

Manifold #1

Manifold #2

Manifold #3

Manifold Installed

Custom fabricated Downpipe before and after header wrapping & installed & Tial 60mm Wastegate

Tial Wastegate

Custom Downpipe

Downpipe Wrapped

Downpipe Installed

Koyo N-Flo Radiator after installation with custom bracketry

Radiator Installed #1

Radiator Installed #2

Radiator Installed #3

Tial 50mm Blow-Off Valve and Custom Modified GReddy Elbow

Tial BOV

BOV Installed

Custom Elbow


FMIC Installed

Custom Modified Oil Filler Neck, Billet AL Oil Cap & Oil Catch Can. Dual Earl's Oil Coolers installed with Mocal Oil Thermostat.

Custom Oil Filler Neck

Oil Neck & Cap Installed

Oil Catch Can

Oil Catch Can Installed

Dual Oil Coolers Installed

Dual Walbro 255 Fuel Pumps. Aeromotive FPR, -8 an SS Braided Fuel Lines.

Dual Fuel Pump Line Fittings

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fuel Rails

Fuel Lines

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