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Video: Horizon Chase Turbo's Getting An All

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Following its success on mobile devices and the PlayStation 4, Aquiris Game Studio is bringing its retro-style racing game Horizon Chase to Switch and Xbox One, promising many hours of Out Run-style action. However, this isn't a straight port of the PS4 edition; these new versions of Horizon Chase Turbo will come with an all-new game mode called Playground.

Playground is a rotative competition that presents five new races each time you play. These are time-limited circuits that offer a wide range of tasks: you might be fighting against the clock rather than rivals, or you could find that you have infinite nitro boosts. The 'anything goes' attitude isn't limited to the gameplay, either; weather conditions are totally randomised, too. Playground is all about keeping you guessing.

Playground races will come in 5 difficulty levels, and each race presents two levels of challenge for players to take on: beating the computer opponents may be tasking, but global leaderboards mean you can challenge the world. Global and Friends-only leaderboards are available, that these will remain online for the duration of a season.

Horizon Chase Turbo launches on the 28th November. Let us know what you make of this new mode, and if you'll be picking it up.

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