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GT3: Tune Up Parts List

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Parts list Tune


Here's a quick look at all the parts of your car in Gran Turismo 3 A-spec that can be upgraded.

By IGN Staff

One of the coolest aspects of the Gran Turismo games has been the ability to realistically upgrade the hell out of your car to improve its racing performance. By earning credits, players could buy new parts for their car to do things like increase its horsepower, improve the handling or even make it lighter -- all with the goal of making the vehicle a racing machine.

Gran Turismo 3 A-spec offers up pretty much everything that was offered in Gran Turismo 2, plus the tune-up graphs that were in the original Gran Turismo but left out of the sequel. Here's a quick rundown of the entire list Tune Up parts that are available in the game. We'll provide more detailed descriptions of these, as well as tips and suggestions, at a later date.

Muffler/Air Cleaner/Engine

Stage 1: NA
Stage 2: NA
Stage 3: NA
Port Polish
Full Balance Tune
Soup Up
Sports ROM

Suspension & Brakes

Sports Suspension
Semi-Racing Suspension
Full Customization Service
Racing Brake
Brake Balance Controller

Drive Train

Big Single Clutch
Twin Plate Clutch
Triple Plate Clutch

Sports Fly Wheel
Semi-Racing Fly Wheel
Racing Fly Wheel

Carbon Propeller Shaft

Sports Transmission
Semi-Racing Transmission
Full Customization Service

1way LSD
1.5way LSD
2way LSD
LSD Full Customization Service


Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4

Sports Intercooler
Racing Intercooler


Sports Tire
Racing Tire
Dirt Tire
For Professional Tire


Stage 1 Weight Reduction
Stage 2 Weight Reduction
Stage 3 Weight Reduction
AYC Controller

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