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How do you Change tail shaft on 350 transmission

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Change Shaft Transmission tail

Yes absolutely, people do it all the time. There is even an indent in the firewall for the V-8's large hei distributor to have wiggling room. I am assuming you are going from a straight 6 to a V-8. You will need different motor mounts (if your V-8 didnt come with them, just make sure they are from a car in the 73-79 year range and not a pickup) but the same hard engine frame mounts will bolt right up. And the V-8 will bolt right up to your old torque convertor and transmission, BUT transmissions factory mated to a small engine like a V-6 or straight 6 dont usually have the heavy duty clutches, so if your tranny is still working well and if you're not going to race it much then you can probably get away with using the same tranny till your budget can afford the heavy duty version of your th350 tranny. The engine wiring harness will cross over no problems, tough you will need all the mechanical externals from a V-8, with the exception of the alternator. That is the same. Well, you'll figure that out as you go. The exhaust of course, is different but if on a budget, use the two into one downpipe off a V-8 75-79 Nova's exhaust and you can tie that into the old existing single exhaust. If your old radiator is still in good shape, not leaking or clogged then you can get by with that under most driving conditions. Oh and the original Nova front springs tended to get pretty saggy with the straight 6, so you should get some new heavy duty springs intended for a V-8, OR you can just get you a couple cheap pairs of spring spreader/compressors at any Carquest and the best shocks you can afford. That will keep you from banging the road under the new weight, though it's not a lot of added weight going form a 6 to an 8. If you are converting to a big block V-8, then new heavy duty front springs made for a big block are a must. The best cheapest way to do this is to buy yourself another Nova already equipped with all the parts you will need. Just go find you some old rusty neglected clunker for 350 bucks or less and when you have everything you will need stripped off of it, sell the rest to the scrapyard. Try and wait till scrap steel is up in value though AND they will require a title! Drop that old straight 6 in the trunk to keep the weight up as that will determine how much they pay out. This will more than offset your expense, when it's all said and done!. Well, I hope that helps!

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