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TS100 Turboshaft Engine

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The TS100 turboshaft engine is based on the proven TJ100 turbojet engine. TS100 is used as a gas generator that generates combustion gases for powering the free turbine and the main reducer of the helicopter. The engine offers up to 180 kW output. The engine is designed for ultralight helicopters.
The engine offers the following benefits:

small buildup dimensions
low weight
high static thrust

Form for providing information on the engine TS100
Parameters Download
Valid for ISA:  p0 = 101.325 kPa, t0 = 15 °C, v0 = 0 km/h, h=0m
TS 100ZA TS 100DA
Shaft output 180 kW
Shaft speed 5978 min-1 2158 min-1
Torque 287 Nm 797 Nm
Dimensions and weight                    
Weight w/o working liquids 56,7 kg 62,6 kg
Engine length 829 mm 881 mm
Width × depth (w/o exhaust) 398 × 330 mm 398 × 330 mm
Fuel TS-1, T2, RT according to GOST 10227 – 86
JET A, JET A-1, JET B according to DERD 2494
Lubrication Turbine oil MOBIL JET OIL II according to MIL-L-23699
AEROSHELL TURBINE OIL 560 according to DEF STAN 91-94

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