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Voith Universal Joint Shaft Service in Reality

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VOITH Voith Turbo Voith Universal Joint Shaft Service in Reality I No.2 ComuIIim and tnglietrlnq Installation Commissioning Original spare parti suppry 1 Training frariaul Reaatrt Moderne liions, felrofite Toruiif m«0inrtmtntt (ACDAl After-Sales A case requiring service For several years, a Finnish eus-tomer in Ihe steel industry had been using four P 660.20 high-pertormance universal joint shafts on the finishing stands of a hot strip mill Since the calculated beahng hte had been reached in two of the universal Joint shafts, the custonv er had planned to exchange the oumal cross assembhes as a pr舘ventive maintenance measure This vvould be the first mainten-ance that the customer had ever performed on thse P-Series universal joint shafts In addition to the journal cross assemblies, he requested the assistance of a technician from Voith's Universal Joint Shaft Sorvice The Vorth Service techneian was responsible for ensuring the qual-ity of the maintenance and famil-iarizing the customer's mainten譭ance and service personnel wlth the latest Voith technology - in theory and in practice Teamwork in the customer's service department

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Voith Turbo GmbH & Co> KG Universal Joint Shafts and Hirth Couplings Alexanderstr. 2 89522 Heidenheim, Germany Tel. +49 7321 37-8283 Fax +49 7321 37-7106 UJShafts®voith.com Quaiity assurance TheoreUcai training Universal Joint Shatt Service personnel at work Universal Joint Shatt Service pro vides the customer with a repair manual to prpare for the work The customer manufactures ail tools needed to overhaul the universal joint shaft on the basis of ihe sp魩cifications In the repair manual On site in Finland, the Voith Service technician works together with...

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