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5 Parts to Taiwan Worth $330 million

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Taiwan C-130 F-16 F-5 FMS

US Approves Sale of F-16, C-130, F-5 Parts to Taiwan Worth $330 million

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08:58 AM, September 25, 2018


5 Parts to Taiwan Worth $330 million

Taiwan Air Force F-16 fighter jet

The US State Department has approved a possible Foreign Military Sales Order (FMSO) to provide funds for blanket order requisitions to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States (TECRO) for $330 million.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale today.

TECRO has requested a Foreign Military Sales Order (FMSO) II to provide funds for blanket order requisitions, under a Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Arrangement for stock replenishment supply of spare parts in support of the F-16, C-130, F-5, Indigenous Defense Fighter (IDF), all other aircraft systems and subsystems, and other related elements of logistics and program support.

The proposed sale of spare and repair parts is required to maintain the recipient's defensive and transport aerial fleet. The recipient has been operating these fleets since 1996 and will have no difficulty absorbing this equipment and support into its armed forces.

There are no principal contractors involved with this potential sale.

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5 Parts to Taiwan Worth $330 million

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5 Parts to Taiwan Worth $330 million

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5 Parts to Taiwan Worth $330 million

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