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IBTimes, India Interview: B2X CEO Max Grabmayr

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Apple unveils iPhone 8, iPhone X and 4k-streaming Apple TV

Apple unveils iPhone 8, iPhone X and 4k-streaming Apple TV

Buying a smartphone is oddly similar to buying a car. It's not a one-time investment. One must consider the risks of smartphones going bad, after all they're electronic gadgets. In such cases, having a good after-sales support can come in handy.

Any brand with a sizable presence in the market and a reputation to save has a solid after-sales support and most of these brands like Apple, Motorola, Xiaomi and others are handled by B2X – a Munich-based customer care technology company.

Taking a simple case of cracked display, users weigh several options. In case of an iPhone, replacing a damaged screen doesn't come cheap, so the easy way out is to go with third-party service centres. But the back of your heads, you have a hint of scepticism on whether or not this unauthorised service centre will do a job to your satisfaction.

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 PlusJack Taylor/Getty Images

We can argue on that front as it is purely based on luck. However, the luck doesn't apply when going with the official service channels. Repairing a faulty smartphone at an authorised service centre comes with its own benefits, such as the guarantee of a repair, data security and alike. But how often do we consider these long-terms benefits when presented with a hefty estimate for repair.

While users balance between the official and unofficial routes to repair their damaged smartphones in India, we thought it's best to listen to what the leading customer service chain handling several known brands has to say about after-sales servicing and how to go about it. 

International Business Times, India, sat down with the CEO of B2X - Max Grabmayr - for a few quick questions about the state of after-sales service in India and how customers benefit from it. Let's get started.

Max Grabmayr - CEO B2X

Max Grabmayr - CEO B2XB2X

IBTimes, India: Third-party repairs are quite popular in India. Why is it important customers go through authorised service centres to repair their smartphones?

Max Grabmayr: As the smartphone market competition intensifies, after-sales service serves as a product differentiator. Many brands are considering after-sales service a part of their brand strategy. In order to retain loyal customers and to expect repeat purchase, OEM players are giving more importance to after-sales service. According to our Smartphone and IoT Consumer Trends 2017 global study, after-sales service is one of the main drivers for customer satisfaction.

Getting one's valued device serviced at an authorised ensures a competent repair that is guaranteed by the manufacturer. While there are many drawbacks of getting a device repaired by non-authorised centres, here are some of the major points:

·         Loss of OEM guarantee: In case a device is repaired by a non-authorised vendor, the customer loses the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) guarantee on the device. It is automatically voided for all future repairs needed, even if the device is still under warranty.

·         Risk to phone data: We have lot of sensitive data stored on our phone these days, from emails to bank details and personal information. In the hands of a non-authorised vendor, these data are at a tremendous risk. Your data can be misused and not to forget deleted files being retrieved, that may cause a lot of anguish.

·         Damage to the product: Non authorised spare parts can damage and decrease the life of a device. In a worst-case scenario, these parts can destroy the device completely.

Damaged iPhone

Damaged iPhonePixabay

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