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Delco Remy Division

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Delco Remy Division


Delco Remy Division

Plant One North Entrance.  Gene Phillips Photo.

Delco Remy Division

According to Ted Vinson the newspaper reversed the names of the brothers so Perry is on the left and Frank on the right.  Perry is the older of the two.
The two persons that started it all.  Unknown Date of Photo.  When the brothers arrived in Anderson in the early 1890's, Frank was 14 and Perry 17.  Perry passed away at age 57 on 2-27,1934, while his younger brother Frank pass away at age 81 in 1961.  Both are buried in Anderson even though after selling the company Frank lived in Indianapolis, and Warsaw, IN and Perry in Indianapolis.    Photo courtesy of Ted Vinson  / Madison County Historical Society.

Delco Remy Division

A second photo of the Remy Brothers with an early piece of electrical equipment.  Perry on the left and Frank on the right.

Editor's Note:  Please check back for updated history. 

1896 -
Perry and Frank Remy (The Remy Brothers) acquire a 14x20 foot shack at on the southwest corner of Meridian and 12th Street in Anderson, IN to experiment on improved ignition systems for gasoline engines. 

1897 - Next they moved south 2 &1/2 blocks to the west side of Meridian Street between the 14 and 15 Streets. 

1901 - Success in the manufacture of dynamos and magnetos several automobile makers allowed them to move to Either lots 80-81at the SE corner of First and Sherman Streets or to Second and Hendricks in Anderson.  Take your pick.  Research done by Brian Mulcahy indicates that while they had purchased the property and were listed in the phone book at that location, there is no tax record of any improvements to the property that would have been recorded when buildings were constructed.  In the 1927 Delco-Remy Brochure "A Trip through Delco-Remy Plants" states that in 1899 the operation moved to Second and Hendricks.  See details for all below.

Delco Remy Division

For the sum of $450 the Remy Electric Company purchased lots 80-81 on the SE corner of  First and Sherman on June 5, 1901.  These two lots were later sold to Sefton Mfg (Container Corp) in 1909 after Remy moved to the Columbus Ave location. (See below) Courtesy of Brian Mulcahy.

Delco Remy Division

Sefton (Container Corp.) would eventually expand purchase not only lots 80-81 from the Remy Electric Company but also 75-79, 68-74, and 29-35.  Courtesy of Brian Mulcahy.

Delco Remy Division

This clipping is out of a 1903 issue of Gas Engine Magazine.  Courtesy of Brian Mulcahy

Delco Remy Division

Note that the location is given as Second and Hendricks in the second paragraph.

Perry and Frank incorporated to become the Remy Electric Company during which time they developed a high tension magneto that was installed on the 1905 Buick. 

1902 - The Remy Brothers employed 15 persons and were a supplier to Columbia, Winton, Sterns, Hayes, Apperson and Stevens-Duryea. 

1906 -  By 1906 the First and Sherman operation had occupied all of the space and the Remy Electric Company needed to expand and therefore purchased Lot 56 in the 24th block of Columbus Ave.  This lot was bounded on the south by the railroad tracks and on the north by a line extending west from just south of 24th Street.  The western boundary was Noble Street and Columbus on the east side.  The purchase date was May 23 of that year.

1908 - Construction begins in stages on what would become the Plant One Complex.  It will finally be completed in 1929.  One of the first structures built is the engineering building which later becomes the Plant One school rooms.  See the Plant Photo Page for more on the growth of the complex.

1910 - The Remy Electric Company put out an excellent promotional booklet.  See our Moments in Time Page to view this excellent look into Remy over 100 years ago.

1909 -  22,000 Model L magnetos were manufactured with 50,000 Model S and T magnetos being produced the following year. 

1911 - The Remy Brothers sell the business to Stoughton Fletcher of the Fletcher Savings and Trust Company of Indianapolis, IN.  At this this time battery ignition technology was replacing magnetos as the ignition of choice on the automobile.  Due to the fact that the brothers had never learned to delegate authority in the organization and the demands on time it consumed, they were pressed to both run the expanding company and develop the new ignition type to stay in business.  Hence they decided to sell the business.  Between them they received $271,000 which is the equivalent of $6,162,219 in 2009.

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