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RC Jet Engine Turbine Wheel Kj66 Parts

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Engine turbine Wheel RC jet

RC Jet Engine Turbine Wheel Kj66 Parts Product Detail

Basic Info

RC Jet Engine Turbine Wheel Kj66 Parts Product Description


Aviation aircraft jet engine parts turbine disc, assembly with nozzle guide vane and compressor wheel

Raw Material

Superalloy, Nickel base alloy

Production process

Production Process 

Production Method:  Lost investment vacuum casting for turbine disc 

Mold making:  Adopt Japanese Sanchi MAZAKfive-axis linkage CNC machining center to make the mold

in our workshop. 

Wax pattern and shell making: Adopt America Wax, Australian Zircon and Powder to make sure the

surface finishing 


Machining equipments

RC Jet Engine Turbine Wheel Kj66 Parts Testing service

Testing Service  Details

Machine Name

Material's chemical component analysis

Germanic Spectrograph

Tensile strength test

Room temperature tensile test machine

High temperature tensile test machine

Yield strength test

Creep test machine

Surface defect test

Fluorescent penetrant test machine (FPT)

Inner defect test

Automatic X-ray inspection

Hardness test

Brienll hardenss tester

Rockwell hardness tester

Dimension measurement

Three coordinate measurement

Three dimensional (3D) scanner

Grain size test

Metallographical detector

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Packaging & Shipping

Packaging:  Use the foamed plastics to protect the goods very well, then pack the goods into plywood box or carton box. Other products assembly with nozzle ring:

Shipment:  Shipment: Within 30 days after your order confirmation and payment.

Our Services

OEM Service Available 

Service for aftermarket. All products are made against OEM standard specifications, including material, dimension, testing requirement etc.

Company Information

 Certificate:  GB/T 19001-2008 / ISO 9001-2008

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