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Precision Turbo Billet CEA 7685 1250HP Turbocharger

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precision Turbo Billet 12 7685


This popular 76mm turbo is rated for 1250hp depending on the application. If you are unsure of which specs would be best for your build, call or contact us first so our experienced sales and tech staff can help answer all of your questions.

We get many questions about "whats the deal with this billet craze" and its not just that the billet wheel is lighter than the cast wheel, its an entirely new compressor wheel design that is more efficient than the older cast wheel. The old design worked well for many years, but as technology progresses, we get better, more efficient designs.  If you need any help picking out the correct turbo to fit your goals and budget, please contact one of our experienced sales staff to guide you through the selection process.

Manufacturer Description

We know you want to be the best both on the track and off. Whether you're a diehard racer or just looking to boost your daily driver's performance, Precision Turbo and Engine has what you need. For exceptional power and unbeatable technology at an affordable price, PTE can help you find the perfect turbocharger for your unique setup. 





Included Ring Set Specifications

Product Weight Specifications

Outer Diameter Specifications

Inertial Weight Specifications

Shell Material Specifications

Hub Material Specifications

Compressor Wheel Inducer Specifications


Exhaust Wheel Exducer Specifications

Exhaust Housing A/R Specifications

Exhaust Housing Inlet Specifications

Exhaust Housing Outlet Specifications

Compressor Housing Specifications

Bearing Type Specifications


Size Specifications

Inlet Size Specifications

Included Adapter Specifications

Years Specifications

Torque Rating Specifications

Old Part Number Under SKU

Thickness Specifications

Competitor Interchange Part Number Under SKU

Outer Spring Diameter Specifications

Max Net Lift Specifications

Valve Tip Length Specifications

Inner Spring Diameter Specifications

Seat Pressure Specifications

Open Pressure Specifications

Rate Inch Specifications

Coil Bind Specifications

Duration @ 1.27mm Specifications

Lobe Separation Specifications

Gross Lift Specifications

Torque Specs Specifications

Cam Duration Specifications

Cam Lift Specifications

Valve Head Size Specifications

Valve Head Diameter Specifications

Compression Ratio Specifications

Face Type Specifications

Pin Fit Specifications

Small End Width Specifications

Thickness Above Pin Specifications

Dome CC Specifications

Recommended Thrust Washer Specifications

Recommended Main Bearings Specifications

Flywheel Opening Specifications

Pilot Bore Diameter Specifications

Snout Diameter Specifications

Flywheel Bolt Holes Specifications

Rear Seal Design Specifications

Minimum Rod Length Specifications

Main Journal Diameter Specifications

Rod Journal Specifications

Intended Balance Specifications

HP Rating Specifications


Recommended Rod Bearings Specifications

Gasket Thickness Specifications

Head CC Specifications

Car Model Specifications

Engine Specifications

Rod Bolt Specifications

Part Weight Specifications

Big End Width Specifications

Big End Bore Specifications

Beam Type Specifications

Car Make Specifications

Pin Size Specifications

Compression Height Specifications

Rod Length Specifications

Stroke Specifications

Bore Specifications

Stem Diameter Specifications

Valve Length Specifications

Material Specifications

Bore Size Specifications

Impedance Specifications

Nozzle Specifications

Standard Pin (Included) Specifications

Upgraded Pin (Not Included) Specifications

Pin Locks (Included) Specifications

Ring Part# Specifications


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