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2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Review

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2015 1500 Chevrolet Silverado

The best drivetrain going in a half ton bar none. Smoked the competition and got better mileage doing it. Great job GM on building a great product that is best in its class.

Posted by: Bassin Bob71 | Feb 17, 2015 9:20:00 AM

I am sorry but I am not impressed with the review listed. Again major flaws by cars.com. The new F150 DOES NOT weigh 500 pounds less than the Chevrolet. Using the base weight of an F150 in its lowest weight available is NOT the test weight comparable to the review, are you guys idiots or what, your suppose to be Auto Journalists yet, us Keyboard warriors find huge mistakes every time you post reviews, have someone fact check your reviews to insure you don't come off sounding like a retard.

Posted by: Mr Obvious | Feb 17, 2015 9:48:03 AM

The GM twins are nice looking pickups. I'm glad they do not have those oversized grilles like some of the others. Would buy one with the 6.2 in a heartbeat except I do not want to start buying premium gas, and OMG they have a high price tag when you want a few upgrades.

Funny thing about transmissions is my 07 has the 4 speed and my brothers 13 has the 6 speed and I have driven his enough that I see no difference other then I seem to get better mpg on the highway. Both are 4x4's with the 5.3.

Posted by: Peter | Feb 17, 2015 10:13:21 AM

I used to drive exclusively GM until I realized that the new vehicle I fell in love with just didn't hold up well. I didn't realize it's not "normal" to spend that much money on repairs every year. Once I figured that out and switched brands, life got a whole lot better. I really like how GM vehicles drive when new. I'm hoping someday they'll figure it out and make their vehicles do a better job of holding up to the daily grind. It remains to be seen whether the 2015's will hold up better than their predecessors. Let's hope so. I'm not sure the government would prop them up a second time.

Posted by: Dale | Feb 17, 2015 11:37:02 AM

I own a new Denali with the 6.2L and 8 speed and I am thrilled with the towing power and the smooth quiet comfort. It does NOT require PREMIUM GAS. Nowhere in the owners manual doe it even mention Premium gas being required. I use regular gas and it often runs on only 4 cylinders and overall I have been averaging about 21.4 MPG. I couldn't be more satisfied with my decision.

Posted by: Xpert1 | Feb 17, 2015 11:37:08 AM

The GM 6.2L V8 with the new 8 speed transmission is the gold standard, one of the best engine/transmission combos ever produced.

Posted by: Jason | Feb 17, 2015 11:37:40 AM

Many of these weight comparisons between the new aluminum F-150 and competing pickups seem to be very questionable. The trucks never seem to be comparably equipped. It also seems that when a 2015 F-150 is compared to a 2014, the older F-150 usually has the iron block 6.2L in it while the new one has an Ecoboost, a much lighter engine.

Posted by: Big Bob | Feb 17, 2015 12:01:16 PM

Xpert1, your owners manual says premium gas recommended but not required, meaning, it is tuned for premium gas, why would you not want the full performance out of it just to save a buck?

Posted by: nitro | Feb 17, 2015 12:04:18 PM

I think you need to reread that manual Xpert1. They say it is recommended for best performance and the engine can knock if under premium is used. Every review done states premium id recommneded.

Posted by: KeithCT | Feb 17, 2015 12:20:32 PM

No doubt this truck is the king of the 1/2 power wars. The things I don't like about G.M. compared to Ram is they didn't offer the 6.2 in lower trim levels you had to buy the heaviest blinged out models. Don't know if that's changed. Also have a moral issue with the way they handled the ignition problems that killed too many and they tried to cover it up. Also the fire recalls scared me. Having a vehicle burn before is very scary. I am not in the 1/2 ton market so I don't have to decide. My 03 Ram which was the most powerful half ton in 03 recommends 89 octane. I only use it in hot summer weather and when towing. Truck now has 104,000 miles and looks and runs strong. Also G.M. trucks have very thin sheet metal (thank you government). It's just like the new Ford except it's steel. Ram had the strongest sheet metal when I tested all three at the auto show in L.A.

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Feb 17, 2015 12:59:40 PM

Ugliest interior. The new model cannot come soon enough. smh.

Posted by: Greg T. | Feb 17, 2015 1:01:31 PM

Modern gas engines don't knock. We have had these things called knock sensors for some time now.

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