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Volvo XC40 D4 AWD Momentum: Big style and tech, small package

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VOLVO Tech XC40 STYLE momentum

A practical and premium compact SUV that is big on style and with plenty of big car high tech safety features, the Volvo XC40 is the latest model to join the Swedish automaker’s stable. Launched globally last November and available in the Middle East as of early this year, the XC40 is built on an all-new platform that is set to underpin other future Volvo models. For European markets, the XC40 brings a new non-ownership subscription-based model for car usage and services, named Care by Volvo, which for a monthly fee includes insurance, concierge, car sharing and parking services.

Feisty demeanour

With ridged and sculpted bodywork, the XC40 bears immediate relation to its larger XC60 and XC90 Volvo sisters. However, and perhaps to compensate for its smaller dimensions and create a similarly assertive presence, the XC40’s design elements seem to be moodier and more aggressive, including more heavily browed and slimmer headlights with Volvo’s Thor’s Hammer signature LED element. The XC40’s bumper, tailgate and rear spoiler also seem to be jutting in a more pronounced manner, while its broad grille and lower flanks feature concave surfacing, and a muscularly convex clamshell bonnet.

Fresh and with an urgent demeanour, the XC40 seems to have a sense of motion even when still, and is offered with a variety of large alloy wheels, between 18- to 21-inches to enhance its grounded stance. Meanwhile underneath, it is built on a new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform with front MacPherson and rear multi-link suspension, with standard, sport or optional adaptive dampers. Offered with either entry-level Momentum or sporty R-Design trim levels option at launch, the XC40 range is set to soon expand and include electrified drivelines, which the CMA platform is designed to accommodate.

Seamless sequence

Built to accommodate an electrified driveline from the ground up, the XC40 is presently available in either D4 Diesel or T5 petrol versions, with other turbocharged versions of both fuel types, and a petrol-electric hybrid model, soon expected. Driven at an event in Milan, Italy, the European market XC40 D4 AWD provided a good impression of model’s capabilities, and of the sort of modern highly efficient turbo-diesel engines that it has long been speculated might become available to Jordanian motorists should restrictions on Diesel passenger vehicles be rescinded.

As smooth and fluent as diesel engines get, the XC40 D4’s 2-litre common-rail sequential twin-turbo four-cylinder engine is particularly sophisticated, with almost petrol-like driving responsiveness, in addition to its muscularly high torque output, low-revving and frugal Diesel characteristics. With an air compressor keeping the smaller of its two turbochargers spooled and responsively ready, the D4 eagerly launches off the line with the turbo lag typical of forced induction oil burning engines greatly reduced, which second larger turbo provides more power and longer-legged ability at higher revs.

Versatility and agility

Pulling responsively from standstill through to redline, the XC40 D4 completes the 0-100km/h dash in 7.9-seconds, and can attain 210km/h, and returns frugal 6.4l/100km combined cycle fuel consumption. Flexible and effortless in mid-range, its versatility is aided by a smooth-shifting 8-speed automatic gearbox, who’s many ratios well exploit its engine for performance and efficiency. The Momentum spec model driven, however, doesn’t feature steering mounted gearbox paddle shifters. With a transverse engine layout and front-drive derived and biased four-wheel-drive, the XC40 delivers more power rearwards as and when necessary for traction.

Refined, reassuring and smooth driving, the XC40 is stable at speed and settled over undulations, but feels eager, rather than heavy or lumpy. Turning in tidy and crisp into corners and alert when changing directions, it’s comparatively short wheelbase and wide track lend it both stability and agility, while its steering is light, quick and precise, with a fair measure of road feel for so modern a crossover with big alloy wheels and tyres, which at 235/50R19, as driven, are among the smaller sizes available to the XC40 range.

Advanced and ergonomic

Tuned for a good balance of body control through corners and a comfortable ride, the XC40 is a relaxed, reassuring and refined drive. Well-insulated from harshness, noise and vibration, its cabin has a distinctly classy, yet innovatively functional quality. Premium in ambiance, materials, quality, materials and design inside, the XC40’s ergonomic and functional cabin features good space for its class, supportive seating and numerous smart storage spaces including under-seat trays, removable centre console bin and inductive phone charging. Controls and infotainment system are meanwhile intuitive to use and well up to date in functions and features.

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