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Upgrading my Holset Compressor Wheel

Time:2018-01-14 12:52Turbochargers information Click:

Compressor Holset wh Upgrading

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small, 7 blade holset h1c worth using?

okay guys, before someone links me too the holset users unite thread... I've already been through most of it. basically this is my first time trying to do a turbo build on a b18a1 from a 93 integra. so the I got the in/exducer sizes from a cummins forum. I have a h1c off a 1st generation, no...

Holset HX55

I have had a Holset HX55 for a while now, getting ready to install. I finally opened it up and measured the wheels. Figure I would post what I found, since it seems to be a frequently asked question. Exhaust inducer = 80mm exducer= 70mm Compressor inducer= 68mm exducer= 100mm ...

Holset guys, check this out. Any experience with this turbo?

It's an aftermarket holset with an improved aero billet 63mm compressor (like an HTA wheel for a garrett) and a better flowing turbine wheel. It supposedly flows more than even a super HX40 (which has a 60mm compressor), I've heard 70+ lbs...

M50B25TU Holset HX40

Hello, I'm looking for opinion on my turbo upgrade. Currently i have M50B25Tu with S52 cams 10.5:1 100 ocatane fuel. Currently i am using 50 trim with .63+ turbo at 0.8 bar boost making 320whp. This is drift car so turbo response is very important. What do you think for Holset Super HX40 60mm...

Calling all Holset HX52 users

Looking for info on all your HX52 setups. Would like to see info like how many blades on your wheels (compressor and turbine) How big is your compressor wheel? How big is your exhaust housing? What kind of engine setup, how much boost, and dyno graphs if you have them. Just want to gat...

Holset compressor map

Does anyone have a compressor map for the hx50, hx52, and the hx55? I'm more interested in the 52 map. I have seen one that it was compared with the hx40 and super 40 , but it seemed really cluttered. ');

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