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25-01-04, 11:31 AM

Hi Members,

It's been awhile for me since frequenting the list. I've seen a heap of trafffic regarding HKS turbos being "better" at higher pressures than GT's - the Q: what do HKS do that Garrett doesn't?

My understanding is HKS use GT's and modify them in some way...

Any experts out there? (Hi Valent, remember me?).


25-01-04, 01:01 PM

HKS turbos are made in japan by Garrett to hks specs.The comp wheels are of similar design to the Garrett GT series but are different sizes.There are some reports that the 2540 uses a TO4e 46 trim 3" thin blade comp wheel with small shaft hole.HKS have a different design turbine wheel in most of there range which has a square paddle like design with less blades which helps flow at top end reducing back pressure which is probably why they seem to work well at high boost pressure.They also make there own housings which are generally much smaller than the equivalent garrett gt turbo which is supposed to make them more responsive.Basically HKS have just fine tuned the garrett turbos to suit high performance cars.


27-01-04, 04:33 AM

I know a $6000+ HKS GT3240 is the same as a $2300 Garrett 700 BB. The ONLY difference is the exhaust housing...

And I like many people were led to believe HKS were SO much better than the Garrett... :rolleyes: (yes, I know the're made by Garrett).


28-01-04, 09:54 PM

Dont forget that the majority of HKS turbos come as a direct bolt on kit to suit certain cars. Try getting that at your local Garrett dealer...

But yes they are a little expensive. Possibly due to the limited production runs that they have to spread the R&D cost over. HKS have their own turbo engineers that work with Garrett.


29-01-04, 03:18 AM

type_rz - you want to be careful comparing price as well, the turbo you've quoted there actually is around 3k, even given shipping, taxes etc it's going to come out nowhere near 6k, someones gouging there a bit. I'd be willing to bet there are more differences than just the housings as well as the commercial agreement between the two companies is that garett cannot use any of the wheels HKS uses. Mario did some interesting work comparing turbos around that size, he found that the equivalent garrett flowed around 13 lbs/min less than the "same" HKS turbo, thats about 120hp worth

Personally my experience is that the HKS turbos are quite a bit better than a similar garret. Moving between the 446179-31 cart (ray hall special) and the GT-RS I found the boost threshold was lowered, the transitional response was massively improved and there were solid power gains (about 10-15% atw). If you can get the HKS turbo for a reasonable price personally I'd consider them to be a worthwile expenditure, especially on a car being built for circuit stuff


29-01-04, 02:27 PM

Originally posted by IMOA
Mario did some interesting work comparing turbos

Care to elaborate please?? :D :) :D


29-01-04, 03:59 PM


HKS GT3240:

RRP BD4s: $7216.00 (Yes I know thats BD4s but try finding this turbo for sale retail new for less than $5000

Price in US (HKS): $3880.00 USD

Price from HKS Japan: 328,000 Yen (excluding tax)

Have you ever physically lined up a 700hp Garrett and GT3240? Well, fortunately/unfortunately, I have and have found the only difference was (as stated before) the exhaust housing. We measured the wheels and the compressor housing and EVERYTHING was the same.

I thought and was led to believe, like you before, there WERE differences in the turbos (I'm talking about a GT3240 here and cant tell you about the rest of the HKS range) hence me purchasing a GT3240 and selling my 700 hp Garrett. I was lucky to purchase one brand new from the Japanese Yahoo Auction for about $3200 landed. Still, I'd be much more pissed if I had bought one here in Australia...

Oh well... you could say I paid $1000 for a different exhaust housing...

Your most welcome to see the turbos in person at my friends workshop if you don't believe!

Anyways, through my poor pocket, I pass this information on to anyone thinking about purchasing this specific turbo and I recommend anyone buying a HKS turbo to 100% SURE that there is no Garrett equivalent.



29-01-04, 04:45 PM


Could you take some pics, specifically of the wheels so we can see if datsqik's comments re the different wheel design is true in the case of the GT3240.

The story I've heard is the one datsqik mentioned, but maybe its only true for the smaller turbo's? Though I doubt it.



29-01-04, 07:49 PM


no problem, I'll get some pics tommorow of my turbo, and hopefully my mate has a 700hp Garrett in stock.


29-01-04, 08:03 PM


Excellent! Be keen to see them.




30-01-04, 04:41 AM

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