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WRX Superchargers?

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Supercharger Superchargers WRX

Originally Posted by cheeseybacon

The stock 02-05 WRX has a very restrictive exhaust system, which makes the stock TD04 turbo, despite it's small size, spool up kinda slowly. If you replace the stock uppipe and downpipe with better flowing aftermarket versions, you can make the stock turbo spin up with alarming speed. It seriously is damn near insta-spool. The new 06 WRXs with their stock catless uppipe and extra half liter of displacement make the turbo spoolup even faster yet. A quality tune helps spoolup time even further.

Like testes said, lag is totally overrated and over exaggerated. It might have been a problem in the old days, but improved turbocharger technology and design combined with engine managment has significantly improved turbocharger response these days. And once Variable Geometry turbos becomes more common place, the lag will drastically decrease even more.

Seriously, you don't need a supercharger. Turbos are without a doubt the future, and the way I see things moving, turbos will one day be so responsive that whatever appeal that superchargers presently hold will all but disappear for the majority of most applications. If you ask me it is already happening, at least for the Sport Compact market.

wow dude, thanks for that. and yeh, i guess your right with the fact that lag is overrated and over exaggerated. anyways, I'll probably just stick to the turbo when I get my WRX and try to remove the lag as much as possible.

But on topic, do you think that Forced Air Tech kit is worth it (money aside), having both supercharger and turbocharger all at once? I mean like theoretically it should do well right? since it's like low end grunt from the supercharger and high end grunt from the turbo. what do you say?

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