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Auto QA: What's the difference between a turbo charger and a supercharger?

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Can you explain the tml">difference between a turbo and a supercharger, and is one is better than the other? Carlos

The end result is the same, to get more power from an engine, without increasing the size of it. And the method is essentially the same – to force a gas-air mixture into the engine under pressure, making the engine work harder to burn it, thus increasing horsepower.

But the supercharger uses a pump to create that pressure that's typically driven by a belt or a gear powered by the engine. The turbocharger creates pressure using the already-burned exhaust gas that is coming out of the engine to turn the blades of a fan that forces the mixture into the engine.

Oversimplifying, the supercharger is good because the horsepower boost is there immediately, while the turbocharger takes a moment to "spool up" from the exhaust gas. But the supercharger takes power away from the engine, and the turbo doesn't. One knock against turbos: Re-using that exhaust gas creates a lot of under-hood heat. And almost always, you need to use premium gas on turbocharged or supercharged engines.

There are kits to add a supercharger or turbo to many popular engine models, such as the Honda Civic or Mazda Miata. Check ads in sports car publications like "Grassroots Motorsports" magazine. But if your car is still under factory warranty, adding one will likely void it.

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