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Solid Ankle Solid Ankle AFO

Posterior Leaf Spring AFO (PLS AFO)

This is a very dynamic design used most often to treat weak dorsiflexors of the foot; such as in drop foot, peroneal palsy, and in some cases Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. This design allows limited plantarflexion at heel strike, provides good mediolateral stability in stance, facilitates toe clearance in the swing phase of gait, and gives good plantar proprioceptive feedback. The braces trimlines run posterior to the malleoli, creating a narrow/flexible posterior aspect to the brace and 3-5 degrees of dorsiflexion is usually built in. However, due to the high flexibility of this design, the PLS AFO does not control subtalar eversion, midtarsal pronation, and forefoot abduction as well as some other plastic AFOs. This brace is in full contact with the leg, which can reduce the occurrence of pressure points by more evenly distributing contact forces, however due to the custom fit of the brace it may not be used with fluctuating edema. This brace is worn inside of a shoe, which may require a larger size or extra depth shoe.

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