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Turbocharger KTR110 S6D170 Komatsu

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Turbocharger KTR110 S6D170 Komatsu
Suitable Machine No.: PC100-3, PC100-5, PC120-6, PC200-3, PC200-6, PC200-7, PC220-6, PC400-6, WA380-3, WA420-3, WA320-3 etc
OEM Part number:
6742-01-5000 3527107
6742-01-5000 3536977
6735-81-8400 3536338
6735-81-8301 3539697
6738-81-8091 4035375
6732-81-8501 3592102
6738-81-8190 HOLSET HX35W
6222-83-8171 GARRETT TO4E15 466670-0013
6743-81-8040 HOLSET HX40W
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