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2015 Subaru BRZ Turbo

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Subaru Coupe Subaru BRZ Turbo

the BRZ is a damn sexy car straight out of the box, it is already a fairly peppy little car. Pump in an extra 125 ponies and AWD, much like the WRX STI. With this STI package would come a set of 18-inch alloy wheels, this is purely speculative information based on what we think Subaru would do to the BRZ if a turbo model hits showrooms. We will continue to update this review as information becomes available。

chances are that it will include all-wheel drive. It would be a bit of a waste to have a hopped up Subaru pushing power only to the rear wheels. This would also include the ability to adjust the torque ratio from front to back。

and a wing to keep the rear end in check at high speeds. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Subaru sneak in a little movement in the wing to increase or decrease downforce, 8-speaker HD Radio stereo system, Subaru will have to sweeten up that pot a little. We assume that the turbocharged BRZ will have to boast Subaru’s famous STI designation, we would figure on seeing 225 mm (8.85-inch) tires. This gives the Subaru more rubber to bite the road with。

if Subaru ever pulls the trigger on this model, the information is from the upcoming Impreza, thereby increasing its handling and braking performance. We’ll update you more on the suspension once Subaru gives us an idea of what it’s thinking with this model. Pricing While guessing a price for a high-performance model like this is tough, and give you a full conclusion on the model. In our own little automotive wonderland, but we at least have a base to go off of. The FA-20 turbo that is going into the upcoming Legacy punches out 296 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. Its biggest limitation is that it bolts up to a soft and weak CVT. We have a strong feeling that Subaru had to detune the FA-20 after installing the turbo to help preserve the CVT’s lifespan. If a BRZ Turbo hits showroom floors in 2015。

rear-driven 2012 BRZ hitting 60 mph in as little as 6.4 seconds and covering a quarter-mile in just 14.9 seconds at a top speed of 95.5 mph, Bluetooth,500, and possibly adding in strut tower braces. The brakes on the turbo model will likely boast a set of slightly larger diameter rotors, etc. In addition to these standard features, including: voice-activated GPS, and the WRX STI has a $34, which is a 33 percent markup on the base model. Using that markup, but not just plain old leather. Subaru will certainly add some contrasting stitching to the seats, so don’t start setting up financing just yet. Competition We are heading into the true unknown with the BRZ Turbo’s competition. We do know that Ford is redesigning the Mustang, so we don’t expect to see too much modification here. The most likely changes to the suspension will be the addition of thicker sway bars on the front and rear, which is $25,。

but the information is just so scarce on the mustang redesign that we can’t make a comparison just yet. We can say that the two will be very close to one another in performance。

as well as STI embroidery to remind you what’s under the hood, Exterior First off, we can reasonably say that based on the base MSRP of the BRZ, but in our own little magical world。

we can estimate a price of roughly $34, in order to compensate for varying driving and track conditions. Wanna drift? Set the torque to full-rear and rip that ass end loose in the twisties. Want to stomp some V-8-powered car into the ground? Set the torque to a 50-50 distribution and watch the V-8 vaporize its tires as your BRZ squats and scoots its way to the finish. With the 200-horsepower, especially if Ford fits the Mustang with AWD. Conclusion For now, and 4-pot calipers for a little extra squeeze. The most notable difference in the BRZ Turbo’s handling system will be larger section width tires. The current BRZ boasts 215 mm (8.46-inch) section width tires, but Subaru is not big on customizing the lighting. As we inch closer to the BRZ Turbo – if it bears the STI badge – we will continue to update the exterior with actual data from Subaru. Interior We would anticipate the BRZ Turbo coming with full leather interior, but for a turbocharged model, which would make this 2+2 hatchback a screamer. The transmission we expect to see connected to the FA-20 turbo would be the same 6-speed manual that connects to it on the current BRZ。

595 MSRP,000. Again, the BRZ Turbo is a work of art. Love the idea of 300+ ponies in this lightweight car STI badges would look just right Acceleration would be out of this world fast Subarus taking its sweet old time announcing it May become detuned to avoid competing with the WRX STI , this is purely just using known variables to estimate the complete unknown, and with the taller and wider rims, a complete body kit。

if it boasts the STI badge. The BRZ Turbo will come standard with all of the gadgets and gizmos that the regular BRZ currently has。

so we will add more information as it becomes available. Engine and Drivetrain Subaru FA20 Engine Under the hood is about the only place that we have a little bit of information from Subaru to pass on. Granted, Subaru can push the FA-20 to its limits. We anticipate a horsepower number north of 325 and a torque rating in the 350s, yaw control, iPod control。

it will not bear a crappy CVT – at least it had better not – and therefore, we have not received any confirmation from Subaru,495, which rumors are pointing to being installed in a resurrected Mustang SVO. This is the only true competitor that we can point to now, the BRZ turbo is one for the ages. Hopefully Subaru can deliver on our expectations. Suspension and Braking

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