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Way: Family SUV comparison test of Traverse, Ascent, Atlas

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Chevrol suv comparison review


Each of our test vehicles has the highest trim level and all-wheel drive. The Traverse High Country was $55,190; the Ascent Touring was $46,020; and the Atlas SEL Premium was $49,390. (Speedy Daddy Media, Inc.)

BY Christian Wardlaw


Thursday, October 11, 2018, 11:00 AM

Kids. You’ve gotta love ‘em. But when you have kids, you also have stuff. When you have stuff, you need room. And when you have multiple kids and all the stuff that comes with them, you need lots of room.

Minivans are the best family vehicles, no matter how many kids you have. Lots of people, though, refuse to drive a minivan. They want an SUV. Something rugged looking, something with all-wheel-drive, something big and heavy and safe.

In the past, this led people to drive fuel-swilling Chevy Tahoes, Ford Expeditions, GMC Yukons, and Toyota Sequoias. These are truck-based SUVs, designed for significant towing and hauling assignments. For most people, they amount to more truck than is necessary, and can throw family finances into disarray due to their lofty purchase prices and appetite for fuel.


Enter the family-sized 3-row crossover SUV. They can’t tow as much weight as a traditional full-size sport ‘ute, but they’re less expensive to buy, more fuel-efficient, almost as roomy inside, and more enjoyable to drive.

In this segment, you have 14 different choices because every major automaker builds one. For this 3-way comparison test of midsize 3-row SUVs, I examined three of the newest models on the market: the recently redesigned Chevrolet Traverse, the new Subaru Ascent, and the new Volkswagen Atlas.

Each one had top-level trim and all-wheel drive, and I drove them back-to-back during a day of testing and examination. Their details are as follows:

Chevrolet Traverse High Country with a base price of $54,195 (including $1,195 for the destination charge). As you would expect at that number, pretty much everything is standard with High Country trim, but the test vehicle also had optional Iridescent Pearl Tricoat paint, bringing the total to $55,190.

Subaru Ascent Touring with a base price of $45,670 (including $975 for the destination charge). Subaru packs everything into the Touring trim level, leaving buyers to peruse the long list of dealer-installed accessories. The test vehicle had third-row USB charging ports and a rear bumper cover, nudging the window sticker to $46,020.

Volkswagen Atlas SEL Premium with a base price of $49,390 (including $995 for the destination charge). The test vehicle did not have any extras, which could’ve included second-row captain’s chairs, black 20-inch wheels or a set of 21-inch wheels, and dealer-installed accessories. Therefore, the price remained at $49,390.

I’m a parent myself, with four kids ranging in age from 8 to 21. And I own a midsize SUV with three rows of seats because my wife refuses to drive a minivan (I love the dang things, especially the Honda Odyssey). If I were planning to replace my SUV with one of these three models, my order of preference follows, along with my reasoning for the rankings.

Third Place: Chevrolet Traverse


Chevrolet got the latest Traverse’s styling exactly right. Here, the Traverse is shown in High Country trim with extra cost paint. (Speedy Daddy Media, Inc.)


Good looks go a long way toward selling any vehicle, and on this front Chevrolet has pulled off a flawless design with the Traverse. There isn’t a line, or a swell, or a proportion wrong on this SUV.

Like the Ascent and Atlas, the Traverse looks best with 20-inch wheels, and Chevy offers several different 20-inch wheel designs depending on the trim level. Plus, it’s easy to get the popular blacked-out look if you want it, and both Rally Sport and Redline packages add a sporty appearance.


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