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NFL Legend Walter Paytons Porsche 930 Turbo is Going to Auction

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porsche Walter Legend Paytons

Walter Payton bought this car relatively early in his long 13-season career, but he purposely focused on becoming a great running back before treating himself. “This was his first sports car,” Jarrett Payton explained in the Mecum listing. “This was the first big-name sports car that he bought. He bought it in 1979, the year before I was born. He got into the league in ’75, and early on, his main focus was just playing football. That focus helped him become the leading rusher with the most carries those first three years. He worked hard to ensure he had established himself, so when he was getting to the good part of his career when the ‘80s came around, he wanted to treat himself.”

This wasn’t Payton’s only exotic sports car, but it was apparently his favorite. When his health began to decline in the nineties, Payton sold some of his other valuable sports cars including his Ferrari Testarossa, his Lamborghini Countach, and his Nissan 300ZX. But this 930 Turbo is the only one he couldn’t part with and wrote it into his will.

Any enthusiast of both classic Porsches and the Chicago Bears won’t want to miss this auction. If you plan to bid on it, do the Super Bowl Shuffle over to Chicago on October 25-27 for your chance to own a piece of both sports and automotive history.

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