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Precision Turbo Billet CEA 5862 640HP Turbocharger

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precision Turbo Billet 64 5862

This popular 58mm turbo is equipped with the CEA 62mm turbine wheel bumping it's rating up to 620-640hp depending on the application. 

We get many questions about "whats the deal with this billet craze" and its not just that the billet wheel is lighter than the cast wheel, its an entirely new compressor wheel design that is more efficient than the older cast wheel. The old design worked well for many years, but as technology progresses, we get better, more efficient designs. This turbocharger comes in a wide range of housing combinations. Most 4cyl applications will use the T3 back housing configuration while most 6 and 8 cyl applications will go with the T4 exhaust housings. If you need any help picking out the correct turbo to fit your goals and budget, please contact one of our experienced sales staff to guide you through the selection process.

Real Street Performance is an Authorized Precision Dealer and Distributor. Authorized Precision Dealers and Distributors are permitted to provide warranty service to any customer that purchases Precision Products. Buy with confidence from a Distributor and know that if there is ever a problem it will be dealt with directly between us and Precision, and not passed through the hands of middlemen.

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