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Service Provider Liberty Automotive Protection Announces Comprehensive Packages for 2018

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OCEAN, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / May 11, 2018 / Industry giant Liberty Automotive Protection recently released their warranty protection program for this year. The comprehensive packages are expected to make a great contribution to local New Jersey residents and the neighboring areas.

With top of the line benefits, Liberty Automotive Protection expects more and more people to learn about the advantage of having an extended auto insurance coverage than allowing the original manufacturer's warranty to expire.

True to their vision of helping people get peace of mind when something unexpected happens, the company aims to give every resident a better alternative of saving money compared to hair-triggering out of pocket expenses caused by sudden engine breakdown or system malfunction.

More Packages for the Extended Auto Protection

Liberty automotive protection will be offering several packages for their extended auto protection. All the packages will include several value-added services including car rental, roadside and lockout assistance, trip interruption coverage, transferrable and national coverage, and an unlimited number of claims.

Contrary to what most people believe an extended auto insurance coverage acts more like an investment. The initial outlay may feel like an additional expense, but the overall perks and assistance for having one cannot be taken for granted.

Among some of the packages, Liberty Automotive Protection will give this year is the Select Coverage where important vehicular parts are covered. New vehicles greatly benefit from this type of extended warranty as they are protected from sudden and unintentional breakdowns. Parts that are covered include the engine, turbocharger, the steering, and the suspensions.

Older vehicles with high mileage can also take advantage of the Engine Protection Plan where engine parts are covered. Liberty Automotive Protection gives warranty holders instant access to accredited repair facilities or they can take their car to their preferred auto mechanics. They can have engine parts repaired or replaced without incurring expensive outlays.

Powertrain and Powertrain Enhanced

Two additional offers, the Powertrain, and the Powertrain Enhanced cover most of the important parts of a vehicle. The only difference between the programs is the later one covers highly sustaining wearable parts including the electrical components and the air conditioning unit.

Liberty Automotive Protection ensures all coverage can be reimbursed and refunded provided they meet contract terms and conditions. Renewal of contract also includes a $100 deductible which will be credited to the account.

Being a premier warranty service provider in New Jersey, Liberty Automotive Protection you get the maximum peace of mind when untoward incidents happen. Protect your pocket from expensive repair bills with the new and improved extended auto warranty packages from Liberty Automotive.

Learn more about the coverages by clicking this link or get a free quote here.

SOURCE: Liberty Automotive Protection

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