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Geely unveils new concept, flagship cars at Auto China 2018

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Geely Unveils CONCEPT Flagship

Geely unveils new concept, flagship cars at Auto China 2018

From Azizul Ahmad

BEIJING, April 25 (Bernama) -- Geely Auto, China's largest privately-owned auto brand, unveiled its new futuristic concept car, the 'Concept Icon', and its flagship new energy sedan, the 'Bo Rui GE', at the 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2018).

Geely said the global debut of the Concept Icon car represented a new exploration into how far it could stretch its DNA to provide a unique offering for future customers.

The entirely new concept car was developed at the Geely Design studio in Shanghai, led by the centre's design chief, Guy Burgoyne.

Burgoyne said the Concept Icon was designed using a simple and refined design language that primarily focused on two key words, namely 'high tech' and 'inspiring' and this resulted in the creation of a technical product with distinctive features but retaining the Geely character.

"The Concept Icon embodies the essential characteristics of Geely Auto and is an expression of the global confidence that we have in our design and engineering capabilities.

"This enables us to set new trends and benchmarks within the wider automotive industry. The Concept Icon is the true play," he said on the sidelines of Auto China 2018, which is taking place today until May 4.

Meanwhile, Geely's new energy flagship sedan, the Bo Rui GE, has been made available with two options.

Geely unveils new concept, flagship cars at Auto China 2018

"The first is a plug-in electric (PHEV) that utilises a 1.5 Turbo (T) plus seven dual-clutch transmission hybrid powertrain that was jointly developed by Volvo and Geely, capable of bringing fuel consumption down to just 1.6 litres (L) per 100 kilometres (km).

"The second option is a first for the Chinese market where we developed a 48-volt mild-hybrid version using the same 1.5T engine that brings fuel consumption down by 15 per cent over the traditional gasoline version to just 5.8L per 100km," the automaker said.

The Bo Rui GE was introduced by Geely Senior Vice President of Design, Peter Horbury, who said as a plugin hybrid vehicle, the Bo Rui GE brought Geely a step closer to fulfilling its Blue Geely Initiative, where it planned to mass produce new energy vehicles by 2020.

"With the Bo Rui GE, we have created a flagship vehicle that embodies Geely's ambitious aspirations. It represents a new standard for new energy," he said.

The Bo Rui GE will be available in the Chinese market in the first half of 2018 with a gradual global roll-out.

The company aimed for 90 per cent of its vehicle sales by 2020 to consist of new energy vehicles based on three core technologies, namely pure electric (EV), PHEV and hybrid electric (HEV).

Geely said it planned for the new energy vehicle sales to be split into 65 per cent for PHEV and HEV, while the other 35 per cent will be coming from EV by 2020.

China has emerged as the largest market in the global car industry, accounting for about 40 per cent of global sales with 30 million new cars each year.



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