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May I ask why you retard timing on a Turbo Engine?

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:cwm27: :lol: you dont "measure knock" knocking is and audiable result of predetination....if your engine is knocking your will hear a "ping....ping...ping....ping...ping" while the negine is idleing (or around where the RPM that your car starts to knock at) then as the RPM's increase it will get faster with the RPMS as in "ping..ping..ping..ping..ping..ping..ping..ping..pi ng" and when the engine really stars reving its likie "pingpingpingpingpingpingpingping." if this happens SHUT YOUR ENGINE OFF IMMEDIATLY....let it cool down...if you can retard the timing (as in if you where sitting in your driveway when it happened or if you have one of thoes variable timing controls on your distributor)...if you cant retard the timing get it to the nearest auto shop ASAP...let the engine coold down completely then start it p and go easy on the throttle, if it stargs agian shut it off, let it cool, and try agian....if your car has a manual fule pressure regularot bump the fule pressure up a bit to run your engine fat....w/e you can do...predetonation (knocking) is the #1 cause of torched pistons and cylender walls, of corse torched pistons and cylender walls is a good excuse to have your block bored out and put new pistons in there...

Wow... please bare with me while I explain two different posts... If you can HEAR ping... It's already in a knock count of like 30. So it's already WAY too much. Ping is something that happens before you can audibley hear it, unless you have an instrument that can let you hear it.... I wont explain here. Cooling down the engine will rarely prevent knocking unless you're in extreme conditions, such as a truck towing a large load uphill. I have never seen "torched cylinder walls" on a Honda, or a Nissan. Just from my expierence though. Which is extensive enough for me to bring that up. The stock sleeves on a Honda should be able to withstand even melted cast piston temps.. which I have personally done a couple times. :D
IF you ARE pinging at idle... something else is wrong, and you need to figure out wtf you just did to create knock at idle... that's insane.

Cliff's notes: Ping is not hearable until it's already WAY too high. If you can hear it, you should goto another tuner.

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